Friday, June 22, 2018

Flashback Friday! Ripping Some Old School Wax

Happy Friday everyone - and with it being Friday, let's do another Flashback Friday post!  For today's pack of cards, I have a 17 card pack of 1992 Fleer baseball.

I don't recall buying all that much of the 1992 Fleer set (I think I OD'd on the bright yellow 1991 set and so I mostly avoided the next year's edition).  That said, I'm looking forward to seeing what the pack holds - and with 17 cards within the pack, there should be some fun to be had!

Here's what I the order I pulled them.

52.  Ruben Amaro, Jr.

First card...fairly simple design, much more "classy" than the 1991 yellow tragedy.

348.  Eddie Zosky
215.  Junior Ortiz
661.  Henry Rodriguez

Prospect cards are always fun, right?

707.  Designated Hitters:  Wade Boggs & Harold Baines

Fleer's Super Star Special cards were a favorite of mine back in the day.  Donruss tried to do something similar with this year's set but it felt lacking due to the absence of team logos.  Fleer was able to do it right and as a result, some of the Super Star Specials cards are pretty darn cool.

414.  Joe Oliver

First Reds card of the pack.  I'm not even sure if I own this one - score!

42.  Dennis Lamp
604.  Tony Fernandez
341.  Dave Stieb
462.  Eric Karros

The backs of the cards are pretty nice as well - I especialy like the large write-up that some of the younger players (without a lot of career statistics) get.

522.  Kim Batiste
397.  Rick Wilkins
22.  Joe Orsulak
645.  Francisco Oliveras
355.  Francisco Cabrera
122.  Rudy Seanez
24.  Arthur Rhodes

Well, the back half or so of the pack was kind of dull but overall it still a fun little rip.  I won't be collecting this set though - so most of the cards are available for trade should someone be jonesing for a 1992 Fleer common.


The Angels In Order said...

Don't temp me man! I love that set and often thought about building it. But I don't need something else to collect!

Brett Alan said...

Why is Wade Boggs on a card called "Designated Hitters"? He didn't DH once in 1991! I get that he was a great hitter, but the "designated" is really weird, especially when he's paired with Harold Baines who had been primarily a DH for years at that point and is very closely associated with the position.

OK, this is a junk wax card, so I'm probably just discovering something that's been a blogosphere cliche for years....

P-town Tom said...

I was just going to type what Brett said. He did a fair amount of DH-ing in '92, but these cards are based on the '91 season. Something is amiss!

Fuji said...

I just purchased Oliver's 1996 Leaf Signature autograph for a buck a few days ago. Seeing it immediately reminded me of his solid World Series performance against my beloved Athletics.

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