Thursday, July 19, 2018

2018 Topps Allen & Ginter: Box #1

Every year, I look forward to the release of Topps' Allen & Ginter set.  For me, the mix of baseball stars and oddballs makes for a fascinating set.  I also generally love the various inserts (the wackier the better, I say)!  Top it off with a hobby box containing three "hits" of some sort (usually a plain relic if we are being honest) and you end up with something that is a blast to rip into.  

And now, I can finally start to rip into it!  

Without further delay, here's the start of my first box of 2018 Allen & Ginter!

Box loader:

Each hobby box comes with a box topper (which I think is awesome in general).  I believe that there are some non-baseball box loaders this year...but my first box didn't yield one of those.  Instead, I got myself a nice Chipper Jones.  

I probably won't be chasing this particular box topper set - so let's start some trade discussions!

Pack 1:

71.  Matt Carpenter
131.  Greg Maddux
182.  Greg Bird
241.  Jesse Winker
263.  Jose Ramirez
329.  Josh Harrison

The base card portion yielded my first Red of the box (Winker) and my first short print (Harrison).  That is, assuming that cards 301-350 are still short-printed as has been Topps' custom lately.

Magnificent Moons:
MM-2.  Europa

I'm a sucker for astronomy cards so the Magnificent Moons set is right up my alley.  According to the card back, Europa was discovered back in 1610 which seems awfully impressive to me.

A&G back:  191.  Freddie Freeman

Well, well, well.  This box is certainly turning out to be rather Braves heavy so far, isn't it?!  

I'm going to try and spread out the Ginter love over the next few posts so keep coming back for more.  For now though, I want to enjoy each pack as I rip it so I won't be racing through this first box.  More to come soon, I promise!


Brett Alan said...

Europa was discovered on January 8, 1610, by Galileo himself.

Fuji said...

I really like the look of this year's box toppers.

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