2018 Topps Allen & Ginter: Continuing with the Hot Box

Yesterday, I started ripping into my second box of 2018 Allen & Ginter and very quickly discovered that I had a "hot box" on my hands.  While I'm still up in the air in terms of how I feel about the hot boxes in general, I will admit to a bit of an adrenaline surge when I first discovered what I had on my hands.  What I didn't find, however, were any hits in the first third of the box - so I would anticipate the latter portion of the pack posts to be chock full of goodies, right?  That's how that should work.

Box 2:
Pack 9:
13.  Sonny Fredrickson
22.  Michael Conforto
276.  Chris Davis
248.  Aaron Nola
77.  Adam Duvall
308.  Brett Gardner

Magnificent Moons:
MM-4.  Mimas

The World's Hottest Peppers mini:
WHP-13.  Red Savina Habanero

Yes, yes, yes!  My first of the Hot Pepper minis!  As a vegetable grower myself, I love the idea of this insert set...and while my garden doesn't feature many exotic peppers (only green bells, jalepenos, sweet banana, and a Cayenne blend) I am still excited about the prospect of this set.

Pack 10:
34.  Scott Blumstein
8.  Ryan Sickler
281.  Salvador Perez
212.  Mark McGwire
215.  Brandon Crawford
230.  Tim Beckham

A&G back mini:
129.  Stephen Piscotty

Fantasy Goldmine:
FG-40.  Jim Thome

This might be the first pack without a short printed base card in it (something that I found to be odd in terms of how many short prints I pulled in the first half of the box).  In fact, I have pulled eight base short prints in 10 packs to date, that seems to be out of line with the 1:2 pack odds.

Pack 11:
315.  Christian Villanueva
266.  Franklin Barreto
185.  Joe Panik
290.  Ty Cobb
42.  Jackie Robinson
275.  Justin Verlander

Regular mini:
151. Don Mattingly

Baseball Equipment of the Ages:
BEA-18.  Fungo Bat

Nothing much to see here, moving along.

Pack 12:
243.  Yuli Gurriel
59.  J.D. Davis
348.  Josh Hader
199.  Garrett Cooper

Regular mini:
168.  Andrew Benintendi

World Talent:
WT-4.  Luiz Gohara

FSRB-CC.  Carlos Correa

Well, there it is - the first hit of the box.  I do appreciate the fact that this isn't the usual gray or white jersey bit.  Instead, it's a nice blue color - and the card as a whole actually looks pretty sharp.  Easily one of my favorite relics that I've pulled thus far from 2018 Ginter!

We have now hit the halfway point of box #2.  For me, the highlight has to be the Hot Pepper mini but I can't complain about the Correa relic either.  Good stuff - let's hope the second half continues to deliver even more fun!


  1. I'll trade for all the hot box base cards you don't want. I should probably be able to hit a ton of wants for you. I also still have a small want list for the 2017 hot box cards if you still have that pile.

  2. Daaaaaaaaang, that Correa! Nice!

  3. Sweet Correa! Btw... Piscotty just homered for the A's to tie it in the top of the 9th!


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