Saturday, July 21, 2018

2018 Topps Allen & Ginter: Looking for those Minis (and Finding an Autograph)!

I barely crossed the halfway mark last night with my first box of 2018 Topps Allen & Ginter.  I aim to get this box done by the end of I better start ripping (and typing)!

Pack 14:
62.  Justin Upton
139.  Michael Rapaport
47.  Dansby Swanson
115.  Ian Happ

Regular mini:
254.  Jackie Bradley, Jr.

Fantasy Goldmine:
FG-33.  Lou Gehrig

Framed autograph:
MA-MG.  Miguel Gomez

I never heard of Mr. Gomez so I can't really comment on him.  This is an autographed rookie card which I guess is cool if you are into that type of thing (I'm obviously not).  It's for sure available for trade if you are interested.

Pack 15:
132.  Masahiro Tanaka
127. J.P. Crawford
176.  Claire Smith
296.  Taijuan Walker
135.  Chris Sale
37.  Yu Darvish

Regular mini:
295.  Xander Bogaerts

World Talent:
WT-39.  Gift Ngoepe

Ngoepe hails from South Africa.  What's interesting about that him is that his not only the first person from South Africa to make it to the Major Leagues, he is the first person from the continent of Africa to make it.  That seems nearly impossible to me that it would take this long before someone...anyone...made it to the big show from Africa but according to the card back, Ngoepe is the first!  Good for him, I say.

Pack 16:
233.  Roger Clemens
118.  Sean Doolittle
315.  Christian Villanueva
269.  Phil Coyne
295.  Xander Bogaerts
40.  Max Scherzer

Baseball Equipment of the Ages:
BEA-21.  Batting Shin Guards

Flags of Lost Nations:
FLN-5.  United Arab Republic

Another mini insert - and it happens to be my second one from the Flags of Lost Nations set (which I love).  Good stuff here and a great end to the second chunk of the box. 

Now on to the final third of the box.

Pack 17:
231.  Michael Brantley
340.  Andy Pettitte
97.  Mike Piazza
136.  Maikel Franco
235.  Marcell Ozuna
286.  Frank Thomas

Regular mini (short print):
329.  Josh Harrison

World's Greatest Beaches:
WGB-3.  Trunk Bay

Trunk Bay is in the St. Virgin Islands - a place that I've heard good things about but never actually visited.  Maybe some day I'll have the opportunity to travel there.  For now, I'll settle for having a photo of one of the beaches on a baseball card.

Pack 18:
161.  Austin Rogers
36.  Trevor Story
88.  Kenta Maeda
195.  Tim Anderson
171.  Rougned Odor
190.  Ted Williams

Fantasy Goldmine:
FG-16.  Randy Johnson

A&G back mini:
60.  Cal Ripken, Jr.

I guess if you are going to get an A&G back, it might as well be of a star player.  I'm still looking for the Barry Larkin mini variations...maybe this is a sign that some more star powered short stops remain in the box for me!

Only six packs left...I should be able to get to those later today.


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I probably should have checked the checklist more carefully, as I was unaware Gift had a Jays card in the collection.

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