Barry Larkin Collection 613: 1999 Flair Showcase - #74 - Row 3

Barry Larkin
Year:  1999
Brand:  Flair Showcase
Card number:  74
Parallel:  Row 3

The 1999 Flair Showcase is a small set (only 144 cards) but it has three tiers to collect (Row 1, Row 2, and Row 3).  Depending on the card number, each row has a different rarity.

The card for today's post is a Row 3 "Power Showdown" card which are seeded 1:1.1 packs meaning this isn't an overly rare version of Larkin's card.  However, he also has a Row 2 "Passion Showpiece" card which are seeded 1:1.33 packs which is slightly rarer and a Row 1 "Showcase Showtime" which are serially numbered out of 3000. 

Even worse, there are parallels to the parallels in the set!

There is  Legacy Collection parallel of every card numbered out of only 88 and a Masterpiece parallel which is a one-of-one.  I have no plans to every track down the 1-of-1 Larkin cards but it would be nice to someday acquire the Masterpiece parallels.  There can't really be more than 88 Larkin collectors out there, can there?  (Don't answer that)

Now that I've figured out what card exactly I have in my hand, I should probably at least comment on the card design.  The front is standard late 90s Fleer fare...which is to say it's clean, crisp, and uninspiring.  The back of the card features some psychedelic wavy stripes for reasons which escape me (and some funky statistical breakdowns) to go along with a third image of Larkin.  All things considered, I kind of like this weird looking set...though I don't care for the confusing set make-up and the plethora of nearly impossible to find parallels.