Monday, July 16, 2018

Barry Larkin Collection 614: 2000 Topps Stars - #99

Barry Larkin
Year:  2000
Brand:  Topps Stars
Card number:  99

The 2000 Topps Stars set is definitely a waste of cardboard in my eyes.  The front of the card relies too much on foil and glitter instead of giving collectors any substance.  The back of the card rates the featured player in a number of categories (using little stars, how cute) but otherwise also offers little substance.  That's really the only way this set can be described:  little substance.

Even worse, there is a parallel of the entire base set (cards numbered 1 - 150 get a Metallic Blue parallel numbered out of 299).  I don't (yet?) own Larkin's Metallic Blue parallel...and honestly, unless someone sends me one out of the blue I don't I'll make a purposeful effort to track one down for many years to come.  I can think of about 200 other sets that I'd rather try to complete Larkin's "rainbow" from before I even bother trying to track down the one missing Larkin card from this set.

In short, there isn't much good about this set, nor this particular Larkin card.  I'm glad to have one more Larkin card tucked away in my binder but if I ever decided to rank all of my cards of Barry there's a good chance this would be in the bottom 10. 


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