Friday, July 27, 2018

Cracking 2018 Ginter Box #3: Best Box Loader so Far!

I'm down to my final two hobby boxes of 2018 Allen & Ginter...and while I had to cut back on my purchases this year due to budgetary reasons, I will say that from what I've opened I've had a blast so far (despite not pulling anything of great value or rarity).  I'm a set collector at heart so that is always my focus with Allen & long as I keep getting new mini inserts and maybe a Barry Larkin mini card or two, I'll be pleased!

Enough jibber-jabber though, you are here for more Ginter and I don't want to keep you waiting any longer.  As always, let's start with the box topper...and for the first time in three boxes, it's not one of the full-sized baseball player cards (which I'm very happy about).

Box #3:
Box topper:

Natural Wonders:
NWB-3.  Zion National Park

According to the checklist, there are a total of 10 different Natural Wonders cards - and I want them all!  I have no plans to go after the full-sized baseball players though so maybe I can flip a couple of my box loaders for some of these...let me know if you have one for trade.  For posterity, here's the full checklist of the set.

NWB-1 Big Sur
NWB-2 Mount Kilimanjaro
NWB-3 Zion National Park
NWB-4 Vatnajökull Glacier Cave
NWB-5 Amazon Rainforest
NWB-6 Na Pali Coast
NWB-7 Phang Nga Bay
NWB-8 The Antarctic
NWB-9 Banff National Park
NWB-10 Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

Now, on to the packs!

Pack 1:
170.  Bradley Zimmer
258.  Parker Bridwell
152.  Ben Lecomte
256.  Jake Arrieta
133.  Johnny Bench
247.  Lance McCullers

Regular mini:
288.  Mike Leake

World Talent:
WT-35.  Francisco Lindor

The World Talent set isn't overly tough to find...but at 50 cards it is going to take some trading in order for me to actually complete the darn thing.

Pack 2:
332.  Max Kepler
179.  Tyronn Lue
181.  Khris Davis
229.  Roger Maris
238.  Pat Neshek
169.  Mike Clevinger

World's Greatest Beaches:
WGB-1.  Paradise Island

The World's Hottest Peppers mini:
WHP-12.  7 Pot Barrackpore

The 7 Pot Barrackpore pepper is apparently even hotter (on the Scoville heat unit scale) then the famed ghost pepper which is supposedly a cousin to this particular pepper.  That's some serious heat!

Pack 3:
341.  Rickey Henderson
197.  Kenley Jansen
138.  Ernie Banks
300.  Bo Jackson
69.  Anthony Banda
54.  Carlos Gonzalez

A&G back mini short print:
327.  Kevin Kiermaier

Baseball Equipment of the Ages:
BEA-12.  Modern Baseball

Pack 4:
57.  Lindsey Vonn
80.  Ryan Bruan
104.  Michael Fulmer
274.  Domingo Santana
289.  Wade Boggs
120.  Cody Bellinger

A&G back mini:
148.  Luis Severino

WT-6.  Joey Votto

Woo!  A Reds insert...I don't pull many of those historically speaking.  As Votto enters the 2018 season, he is third among all Canadians in terms of MLB hits.  Can you name the only two players that were ahead of him?  Side note:  As of this moment, Votto is now second among all Canadians in hits as he passed one of the two players this year.

That was a very solid four packs (plus box loader).  Those Hot Pepper minis are great - and I now own two of the 15 in the set.  Plenty more to come from this box...stay tuned!


Fuji said...

That Natural Wonders box topper set is a beaut. Should be fun putting that one together. I'll be chasing down the Big Sur card for my California PC.

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