Saturday, July 21, 2018

Finishing off Box #1 of 2018 Allen & Ginter: The Final Hit Awaits

I've had a lot of fun ripping through my first box of 2018 Allen & Ginter.  I still have three more boxes to go after this but let's not get ahead of ourselves.  The final post for box #1 should contain my third hit (though with the autograph being hit #2 I'm honestly going to be surprised if we pull anything other than a boring full-sized relic).  Still, a hit is a hit - and who knows, maybe I'll pull some sort of mysterious mini card that Allen & Ginter is known for!

Pack 19:
257.  Andrew Stevenson
7.  Aaron Judge
334.  Sandy Alcantara
149.  Steve Simeone
262.  Felix Hernandez
123.  John Smoltz

Baseball Equipment of the Ages:
BEA-13.  Catcher's Chest Protector

Flags of Lost Nations:
FLN-7.  Republic of Salo

Woooo!  That's my third Flags of Lost Nations mini out of the box - which is awesome because that is by far my favorite mini set from this year's edition of Ginter (though I am intrigued by the hot pepper set despite the fact that I haven't actually pulled one for myself yet). 

Pack 20:
45.  Dexter Fowler
112.  Yadier Molina
208.  Kelsey Plum
168.  Andrew Benintendi
1.  Mike Trout
116.  Ozzie Albies

Regular mini:
173.  Nolan Arenado

World Talent:
WT-24.  Shohei Ohtani

I'm happy to pull the Ohtani insert for myself simply because I imagine it will be difficult to get many of his cards via trades right now. 

Pack 21:
12.  Eddie Rosario
154.  Raisel Iglesias
326.  Elvis Andrus
218.  Christopher McDonald
64.  Daniel Murphy
160.  Matt Olson

Magnificent Moons:
MM-7.  Phobos

Postage Required:
MPR-14.  Penny Black

That's my first Postage Required mini of the box.  The Penny Black stamp was the first in the UK to allow letters to be delivered any distance for one set price.  I'm not a stamp collector by any stretch of the imagination but I think I'll enjoy reading about the various stamps in the insert set.  It's just one of the many reasons that I love Allen & Ginter each year!

Pack 22:
187.  Albert Pujols
265.  Carlos Rodon
113.  Randy Johnson
261.  Brooks Robinson

Regular mini:
273.  Jake Lamb

Fantasy Goldmine:
FG-10.  Mark McGwire

FSRB-AM.  Andrew McCutchen

Well, there it is...the third hit of the box.  I didn't do particularly well with my hits but luckily I collect Ginter for all the inserts (full-sized and mini-sized) and I'm satisfied with how that portion of the set has gone so far.  I'd like to nab at least one more mini insert before the box is over - preferably one of those pepper cards!  Let's see if we can do it in the final two packs.

Pack 23:
6.  Chris Taylor
310.  Matt Chapman
124.  Nolan Ryan
260.  Sean Evans
73.  Adrian Beltre
99.  Pedro Martinez

A&G back mini:
64.  Daniel Murphy

World's Greatest Beaches:
WGB-9.  Cozumel

Cozumel is another one of those places that I've heard a lot about but never actually visited.  The Daniel Murphy A&G back is my fifth such mini from the box which is right on point since they are seeded 1:5 packs.

Pack 24:
55.  Biz Markie
285.  Jackson Stephens
105.  Jacob DeGrom
166.  Johnny Cueto
95.  Victor Robles
119.  Javier Baez

Regular mini:  131.  Greg Maddux

World Talent:
WT-9.  Jose Abreu

Well, that does it for the first box.  In the end, I pulled five mini inserts which is the main draw for me.  My hits and box topper were nothing to write home about (from my perspective) but it is always fun to pull a framed autograph (no matter the caliber of the player or subject matter).  I have three more boxes to go...let's hope that this was the worst of the four!


Brett Alan said...

Nice haul. I'm not sure I'm OK with Topps creating a "lost nation" card of Salo, a Nazi puppet state.

Fuji said...

This is a solid box. First the Hawaii flag... now the Ohtani World Talent insert. Great stuff.

Nick Vossbrink said...
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Nick Vossbrink said...

Ah hah. This is the post Brett mentioned on SABR. As much as I like that Flags of Lost Nations set idea, they kind of screwed up the checklist with both this Salo card and the Rhodesia one.

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