Monday, July 30, 2018

Finishing off Ginter Box #3!

I think this year has to be the slowest year that I've ever had in terms of ripping my Allen & Ginter packs.  Of course, I also have a newborn this year so at least I have a decent excuse.  Unfortunately for me though, my work is about to start back up (back to school sales remind me of that) and so I need to get myself back on a more reasonable schedule, baby or no baby.

What does that have to do with cards, you ask?  Well, hopefully I can keep blogging as part of my new schedule.  I may be cutting back a bit here (i.e. you may not see a new post every single day) but I don't plan to walk away at all right now.  Frankly, if it weren't for my blog (and the trading that goes along with it), I would probably have walked away from baseball cards years I'd kind of like to keep going so that I have some neat things to pass down to my little guy!

That leads me to today's post:  more Ginter.  Being a bit more specific, it's time for the final four packs of box #3.  Then, all I have left to rip is my box for Gint-a-Cuffs...and I actually now have two unripped blasters of Ginter since I grabbed another yesterday while I was out buying baby supplies.

Box #3:
Packs 21 - 24

Just like in the last post, I won't give a card-by-card breakdown of the final packs.  Instead, I'll simply show off the highlights (such as they are).

Nice to get the Mike Trout card from the World Talent insert set.  I really need to collate all my cards to see how close I am to finishing off the various full sized inserts.  I know for sure that I'm nowhere near finishing off the mini inserts (so if you have any of those for trade, keep me in mind please)!

Speaking of minis...Of the four minis in the final four packs, two of them were regular, boring minis while the third was an A&G back of Matt Olson.

Truth be told, I'm not sure which type of mini is actually more boring - the A&G backs have never, ever appealed to me despite their somewhat rarer status than the regular minis.

What does appeal to me though are the mini inserts.  I didn't do well with this box (only pulled 4 instead of the usual 5) but at least two of the four mini inserts were from my favorite set of the year:  Flags of Lost Nations.

Earlier I pulled the flag of Tibet, now I get Yugoslavia.  Yugoslavia is definitely one of the more recent "lost nations" in the set having only been disbanded in 1992.  For comparison, Tibet (my other Lost Nation card of the box) ceased to be its own country back in 1951.

That does it for box #3.  I have to wait for the Gint-a-Cuffs rules to be posted before I can dip into the fourth box but I do have those two blasters calling my name so maybe I'll rip into those next while I wait.  I also have a couple of trade envelopes that have found their way to my house...and my first ever Kickstarter purchase that I'd like to show off too (whenever I have some free time, hah)! 

Until then, it's back to caring for the baby - and I suppose I should be getting ready for the classes I have to teach as well.  So long summer!


Bru said...

I definitely have some minis for you. Do you have a want list yet?

Nachos Grande said...

Not yet, but I'm interested in any/all minis. I can always use any duplicates to then trade away for others that I need if necessary! Shoot me an email

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