Finishing off the Retail Blaster of Ginter.

Earlier today, I started the process of ripping through the first of two retail blasters of Ginter that I bought from Wal-Mart.  In the first four packs of the blaster, I found three mini inserts (which is amazing since a full hobby box will only net your five such mini inserts)!  What will the final four packs hold for us?

Blaster #1:  Part 2
Pack 5:
328.  Edwin Diaz
83.  Cryptocurrency
300.  Bo Jackson
207.  Ronald Acuna Jr.

Black border mini:
199.  Garrett Cooper

Magnificent Moons:
MM-9.  Miranda

Black bordered minis are 1:10 or slightly rarer than one per blaster in retail.  Cooper is a rookie for the Marlins which is just about the least interesting big league option there is, but still...

Pack 6:
141.  Archie Bradley
147.  Walker Buehler
104.  Michael Fulmer
274.  Domingo Santana

Fantasy Goldmine:
FS-7.  Babe Ruth

Black border mini (short print):
344.  Ender Inciarte

Unlike in previous years, Topps doesn't list short print specific odds for the minis this year (other than for the regular mini short prints which are 1:13 packs).  I can only assume that black bordered mini short prints are quite a bit rarer than that.  That's back-to-back packs with black bordered minis in it to open the second half of the blaster.  Not as exciting (for me) as the all the mini inserts, but still pretty cool.

Pack 7:
322.  Richard Urena
264.  Reggie Jackson
224.  Starling Marte
201.  Miguel Andujar

World's Greatest Beaches:
WGB-7.  Venice Beach

A&G back mini:
230.  Tim Beckham

My second A&G back mini of the blaster.  I seem to have hit the mini gold mine with this blaster.

Pack 8:
156.  Edwin Encarnacion
65.  Clint Frazier
181.  Khris Davis
252.  Gio Gonzalez

World's Talent:
WT-44.  Felix Hernandez

Regular mini:
231.  Michael Brantley

That does it for the blaster.  Overall, I'll call it a success since I got a bunch of inserts (especially minis) that I needed for my set!  I have a lot of card organizing to do once I finish ripping the second blaster and the remaining three hobby boxes!