Tuesday, July 10, 2018

More Cards from the 1800s! (Original Allen & Ginter Goodies!)

If you missed it, yesterday I showed off the two 1889 Allen & Ginter cards that I recently acquired for my Fish of American Waters set.  It's hard to believe that I now own 48 of the 50 cards from that set!  Today, it's time to see the other couple of purchases that I made from the same seller.

I won the fish cards from an eBay seller - and as I often do when a seller combines shipping, I looked to see what else the seller had for sale for cheap (in terms of old Allen & Ginter cards).  In the end, I sprung for two more vintage Ginter cards including my second World's Beauties card (though this one is from the second series, officially set N27 I believe).

Miss Cameron has a chunk of paper out of her head which is kind of unfortunate, but otherwise the card is in decent shape.  The back of the card is practically pristine which is nice because then I have easy access to a set checklist!

What I don't know is who the heck is this Cameron person?  She is rocking a tierra, a pearl necklace, and some some other jewelry so I'm guessing she was some sort of wealthy person.  She also kind of looks like a dude if you ask me, but who am I to judge the fashions of 1888?  I didn't have any luck doing some quick internet "research" on the subject of the card so if any of you can point me in the right direction, that'd be awesome!

My other buy was another vintage Allen & Ginter card, this one from the 1887 Flags of All Nations set.

Topps actually did a similar set a few years back in their rendition of Allen & Ginter...but truth be told, it's hard to beat the original!  I pretty much love all things Greece so this was an easy "impulse" buy for me.  The relatively poor condition of the card meant that it was affordable which is even better for my wallet!

That does it for my newest additions to my vintage Allen & Ginter collection.  I actually have a handful of duplicate fish cards...so you know, should one of you want to swap some old school Ginter let me know!


RAZ said...

Maybe take a look at this picture of Violet Cameron from another tobacco set? It looks like the photo might be the source material for this illustration.


It looks like she appeared in several tobacco sets, so maybe you could become a Violet Cameron super collector.

Fuji said...

Love that 1887 Flags of All Nations set. I have the Japan card. I'm pretty sure it's the oldest card in my collection.

SumoMenkoMan said...

Great cards. There are some interesting countries depicted in the Flags set for sure.

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