Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Retail Side of Ginter (Part 2): With a Hit!

I began the process of opening up my second 2018 Allen & Ginter blaster this morning.  Tonight, it's time to finish the thing.  Four packs remain, let's dig in.

Blaster #2:
Pack 5:
303.  Hyun-Jin Ryu
67.  Ozzie Smith
226.  Lucas Giolito
204.  Samesong Park

A&G back mini:
244.  Orlando Arcia

Baseball Equipment of the Ages:
BEA-3.  Modern Glove

Pack 6:
261.  Brooks Robinson
43.  Champ Pederson
222.  Total Solar Eclipse
111. Brian Dozier

Regular mini:
31.  Joc Pederson

Fantasy Goldmine:
FG-11.  Roberto Clemente

I don't mind the occasional Clemente card in modern products.

Pack 7:
165.  Ben Zobrist
113.  Randy Johnson

Regular mini:
177.  Dallas Keuchel

World Talent:
WT-26.  Ichiro

FSRB-KS.  Kyle Schwarber

Alright, getting a relic from a retail blaster of Ginter is always a pleasant surprise!  Ilike the pinstripe, makes for a nice looking card.  The group B relics are slightly more common (1:66 packs) than the group A relics (1:70 packs).  Still, with only eight packs in a blaster, don't expect to get either type of relic typically!

Pack 8:
348.  Josh Hader
25.  Andre Dawson
205.  Scott Rogowsky
225.  Lou Gehrig

Regular mini:
229.  Roger Maris

Magnificent Moons:
MM-2.  Europa

Well, the minis weren't much to write home about in the second half of the blaster but the pinstriped relic was a nice surprise to balance things out.  My one major complaint about the blaster is that I didn't get one of the retail only Exotic Sports minis...that was the whole reason I bought retail in the first place!  They are seeded 1:8 packs so I should have gotten one in the blaster...but alas, I did not.  I guess I'll have to settle for the Baseball Superstitions mini instead.


Community Gum said...

Congratulations on the hit (and on the Votto)! If you can be persuaded to trade that Schwarber away, let me know.
I was looking at your other posts and would love to ask for these too: Black mini Fowler & Zobrist
Hot box foil Lester, Theo, Heyward, Schwarber
World Talent Baez (assuming I don't pull one)
Regular mini Maddux

I'm waiting on GAC X to post rules, but I'll hopefully have some A&G stuff I can send your way

Fuji said...

Congratulations on pulling the Schwarber!

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