Thursday, August 02, 2018

Barry Larkin Collection 615: 2000 Topps Gallery - #6

Barry Larkin
Year:  2000
Brand:  Topps Gallery
Card number:  6

As a teenager, I don't recall ever seeing the Topps Gallery set available for sale - probably because I only looked for baseball cards in CVS (and on occasion in KMart).  I know I'm dating myself when I mention the big K!  Anyhow, it's sort of a shame that I didn't get to buy much of the 2000 Topps Gallery set because based on the Larkin card at least, I like it.

The design on the front of the card is definitely understated (and in Larkin's case the front photo leaves a bit to be desired) but I have to admit that I like the simplicity.  The back of the card features a kind of cool "Gallery Notes" section as well as a month-by-month statistical breakdown for the previous season (ala old school Bowman). 

Overall, I think this is a set that I might have tried to complete if it were available near me back then.  Today, I'm simply happy to have the Larkin card in my possession (unfortunately, there is a Player's Private Issue parallel #/299 that I still need to track down from the set). 

As a quick aside before wrapping up this post, I had to share the entire autograph list for the set that I came across while doing my research: 

  • Rick Ankiel
  • Ruben Mateo
  • Corey Patterson
  • Ben Petrick
  • Vernon Wells

Oh my.  That's a terrible bunch of names to hope for when ripping packs, isn't it?  I dare you to find a set with at least five autographs with a worse overall signature roster.


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