Sunday, August 12, 2018

Delivery Time! Padrographs sends Vintage (and Ginter...and autos...and...)!

The trades involving 2018 Allen & Ginter are already rolling into my house despite my slowness in putting up a proper want list!  One of the first packages to show up holding Gintery goodness was from Rod over at Padrographs.

Rod ended up with a slew of unwanted Ginter cards and I happened to jump in first to claim the inserts.  For me, the highlight of the trade I figured to be the two minis that Rod sent my way.

The  Hot Dog Eating Contest card is part of the retail only insert set (a definite pain to collect for me since I typically would only buy hobby for Ginter - though that trend wasn't true this year I guess).  The Hiawatha card is also pretty cool - there's a boat in the city where I work called the Hiawatha that does short river cruises.  I haven't been on it since I was a wee little kid, but the card still strikes a "home town" feel!

Frankly, I would have been happy if that was all that Rod sent me - but he also included a handful of assorted Reds cards including a couple of really shiny autographs as well as a handful of custom cards.

Ervin has gotten some playing time thanks to the Reds' injuries this year to Schebler and Votto (and the trade of Duvall).  I will say that I can't make out any part of "Phil Ervin" in that signature though!

And finally, I have to show off what ended up being the best part of the trade (a complete surprise to me):

Those are vintage Flags of the World set - and since I love, love, love the "Flags of Lost Nations" in this year's Ginter set, I'm guessing that is why Rod included these for me.  After doing a little digging online, I found that this is an 80 card set produced in 1956.  There is a high probability that I may end up chasing after this set at some point - the only negative to it is that the cards are slightly over-sized as compared to current baseball cards (which makes storing them a real pain).  Still, the cards are cool enough that I may go for the set eventually!

Many thanks for the great trade, Rod.  I can only hope that I can put together a return package that is as interesting to you as your package was for me.


Brett Alan said...

I have a good chunk of that 1956 Flags uncle collected them when they were new and I ended up with them. It's a very nice set. I might even have a few doubles somewhere.

Rod (Padrographs) said...

I am 80% done with the set, it uses 8 pocket sheets

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