Sunday, August 05, 2018

Finishing the A&G Blaster...with a Surprise Retail Hit!

Yesterday, I showed off the highlights from the first half of recent Allen & Ginter blaster purchase.  At the end of that post, I teased that the second half of the blaster holds a let's get to it!

Blaster #3:
Pack 5:

As before, I'll only show off the highlight(s) of each pack (as I see it).  Pack #5 continues our good luck with interesting minis (now 5-for-5) with another A&G back mini...and it's even of a fairly desirable player.

There's a chance this one ends up in my mini Frankenset - but who knows when/if I'll ever get around to working on that (so feel free to make a trade offer if this one really strikes your fancy).

Pack 6:

Pack #6 broke our streak of interesting minis (only a regular Cole Calhoun, boooooo) but it delivered in a different way:  a relic!

It might be hard to see in the scan, but you can make out where some stitching was/is in the middle of the relic.  That little bit adds just enough to save this from being a totally boring white relic. 

Pack 7:

A World's Greatest Beaches and a regular mini Matt Olson card were the best two cards in what was a totally uninspiring pack.  In fact, it was so uninspiring that I couldn't even be convinced to scan a card from the pack.

Pack 8:

Another regular mini (Alex Wood) but that's ok since we pulled our first (and only) Cincinnati Reds card of the blaster.

Still no sign of any Barry Larkin minis but I can't be mad about the blaster as a whole.  A couple of great mini inserts plus a relic...not bad! 

More Ginter to come, including my Gint-a-Cuffs box (which I've already opened on video but I have to wait until the rules are posted to start doing my pack posts).  I will say that I had a better box this year than I have had in recent memory.  No other spoilers from me right'll have to come back to find out what I got.


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