Saturday, August 04, 2018

Retail Ginter: Because I Don't Have a Hobby Shop Within "Impulse Buy" Range

One of the biggest drawbacks to having a young baby (besides the whole no sleep thing and poopy diapers) is the near constant trips to Wal-Mart for this or that.  That said, at least for now trips to Wal-Mart aren't quite so miserable because 2018 Allen & Ginter blasters are still on the shelves.

Yep, that's right - I bought another one on a recent shopping trip.  It takes the sting out of forking over wads of cash for diapers...

Blaster #3:  
Pack 1:

Rather than type up every card in every pack, I'll simply show off what I decide are the highlights.  By now, I'm guessing that most people have seen plenty A&G base cards...but at least in this case I ended up with a nice Acuna Jr. rookie card. 

For me though, the highlight has to be the mini:  another Flags of Lost Nations card!

That's kind of a weird looking flag for Corsica - but it's definitely a cool card overall and a great start to the blaster.  See, I'm forgetting about those expensive (soon to be poopy) diapers already.

Pack 2:

Pack 2 didn't offer a lot of interest to me - a Mike Trout World Talent card that I'm fairly certain I've already pulled two or three other times and this black bordered mini of yet another Cardinal.

I seem to have more "luck" pulling Cardinals black bordered minis than I do any other team.  I haven't pulled a single Barry Larkin mini card (of any variety) for crying out loud.

Pack 3:

We keep the good times going with our second mini insert of the blaster.

That's one of the retail only Exotic Sports cards - and yes, I'm going to try and collect this set along with all of the other mini inserts (so I'll need your help)!

Pack 4:

We end the first half of the blaster with an A&G back mini short print of Cole Hamels.  For those keeping track at home, that's four packs and four minis with scanning.  Not bad at all!

I'm going to have a large list of Allen & Ginter trade bait up on the blog in the somewhat near future.  That list will probably include a big chunk of my mini parallels (regular, A&G back, and black bordered). 

That does it for the first half of the blaster...but I assure you the fun isn't over yet.  In fact, as a bit of a "tease" for a future post, the second half of the blaster holds a hit!  That's always a fun surprise when buying retail!


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