Group Break: 1998 Pacific Paramount with a Platinum Blue Parallel

I was super excited to find an unopened box of late 90s Pacific to include in the group break.  Admittedly, the Paramount set isn't my favorite of Pacific's brands but still, it's cool to have such a set in the break (and we already found a box hit - check out the previous post for more details on that).  Now though, let's look at the next batch of packs and see what we goodies we can discover.

1998 Pacific Paramount:
Pack 5:
32.  Frank Thomas - White Sox

24.  John Valentin - Red Sox
45.  Frank Catalanotto - Tigers
200.  Edgardo Alfonzo - Mets
116.  Ed Sprague - Blue Jays
Copper:  172.  Chris Holt - Astros

Bru lands an Astros' parallel while JediJeff gets a nice base card of the Big Hurt.  Pretty good pack for our group break!

Pack 6:
107.  Ivan Rodriguez - Rangers
47.  Bobby Higginson - Tigers
117.  Shannon Stewart - Blue Jays
213.  Gregg Jefferies - Phillies
99.  Fred McGriff - Rays
Copper:  231.  Ray Lankford - Cardinals

Two for two in terms of packs producing parallels for claimed teams in the break!

Pack 7:
69.  Derek Jeter - Yankees

31.  Magglio Ordonez - White Sox
54.  Jermaine Dye - Royals
246.  Stan Javier - Giants
234.  Kevin Brown - Padres
Copper:  190.  Jose Valentin - Brewers

The Valentin ended our streak of claimed teams getting the parallels but I think that Jeter base card still means this is a successful pack for group break purposes.

Pack 8:
158.  Bobby Bonilla - Marlins
38.  Kenny Lofton - Indians
171.  Richard Hidalgo - Astros
222.  Al Martin - Pirates

118.  Brian Anderson - Diamondbacks
Copper:  238.  Wally Joyner - Padres

I did four packs in the previous post but I'm feeling it right about two more?

Pack 9:
178.  Raul Mondesi - Dodgers
42.  Omar Vizquel - Indians
149.  Brett Tomko - Reds
137.  Jeff Blauser - Cubs

126.  Bob Wolcott - Diamondbacks
Copper:  202.  John Franco - Mets

Pack 10:
3.  Jim Edmonds - Angels
83.  Miguel Tejada - Athletics
70.  Chuck Knoblauch - Yankees
139.  Lance Johnson - Cubs
Copper:  52.  Kevin Appier - Royals
Platinum Blue:  177.  Ramon Martinez - Dodgers

The Platinum Blue parallels are seeded 1:73 packs making them a tough pull!  I have to admit, the blue looks great with teams such as the Dodgers! 

Not a bad set of packs - a little something for almost every claimed team which is nice to see from a host's perspective.  What do you all think of this set so far?


  1. Some great photos in this set, even if the badge is a little too big.

  2. I saw that Frank Thomas card and I added it to my shopping list.

  3. Sweet! I love the parallels in this set. Happy to land that Holt.

  4. Yes! Another Lance Johnson!


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