Group Break: More from the 1998 Fleer Tradition Box!

There's no shortage of cards in the Fleer Tradition box, so let's keep going! 

1998 Fleer Tradition:

Pack 5:
462.  Quinton McCracken - Rays
523.  Steve Trachsel - Cubs
449.  Dmitri Young - Reds
389.  Mike Mussina - Orioles (needed it!)
551.  Mickey Morandini - Cubs
422.  Bip Roberts - Tigers
441.  Charles Johnson - Dodgers
440.  Donnie Sadler - Red Sox
484.  Jamey Wright - Rockies
Vintage '63:  66.  Andy Benes - Diamondbacks

Diamond Ink:  Roberto Hernandez (1 pt)

Pack 6:
358.  Kenny Lofton - Indians
418.  Roger Cedeno - Dodgers
373.  Luis Gonzalez - Tigers
538.  Francisco Cordova - Pirates  (needed it!)
572.  Ken Griffey, Jr. - Mariners
583.  Ben Grieve - Athletics
396.  Scott Servais - Cubs
515.  Travis Lee - Diamondbacks
432.  Todd Stottlemyre- Cardinals
Vintage '63:  121.  Wade Boggs - Rays

Diamond Ink:  Jose Cruz, Jr. (1 pt)

I have to admit, I often wonder how closely people read these posts detailing group break pack results.  Do you read all the names?  Do you skim for only your team(s)?  Do you look for specific players?  Do you only glance at the scans?  Are base cards even important to you?  So many questions.

Pack 7:
500.  Johnny Damon - Royals
522.  Terry Steinbach - Twins
392.  Mike Lansing - Rockies
388.  Manny Ramirez - Indians  (needed it!)
548.  Antonio Osuna - Dodgers
377.  Henry Rodriguez - Cubs
452.  Roberto Hernandez - Rays

411.  Trey Moore - Expos
485.  Mike Sweeney - Royals
Vintage '63:  116.  Ron Gant - Cardinals

Diamond Ink:  Roberto Hernandez (1 pt)

Pack 8:
357.  Darryl Kile - Rockies
464.  Jorge Fabregas - Diamondbacks
372.  Wade Boggs - Rays
451.  Cecil Fielder - Angels
546.  Carlos Perez - Expos

475.  Brian Moehler - Tigers
524.  Josh Booty - Marlins
550.  Sean Runyan - Tigers
485.  Mike Sweeney - Royals
Vintage '63:  106.  Rey Ordone - Mets

Diamond Ink:  Tony Gwynn (1 pt)

The main reason that someone probably is interested in the '98 Fleer Tradition set is for the wide variety of awesome images.  For group breaks, I try to make sure to scan the inserts and parallels - but for a set like this, I also should really highlight some of the base cards (that explains why I scanned two base cards in the previous two packs)!

In terms of cards that I get to keep, this time around I ended up nabbing three more for my set.  That's much better than the last set of four packs in which I only got one new card.  As before, everything except the cards I need for my set are going into the group break piles for each team. 

Still plenty more to go in this box - so much typing!!  The rage on the blogs seems to be the 5-minute post right now, no way I could do that with posts from this particular box of cards!


  1. I scan my team, and so far you have yet to pull/post a single White Sox card. :(

  2. Skim for my teams and look at the pictures. :p

  3. I'm the same as Nick V. The pictures have been great so far and I truly appreciate you taking the time to post them. I wouldn't have seen such a marvelous card like the Carlos Perez snapshot without your efforts. Thanks!

  4. Im not it so I basically just check out the pictures for something interesting.

  5. Look at the pics and quick scan to see if they left anyone odd for series 2 (like Griffey. In series 2? He had a series 1 card right?)

  6. The Griffey is a checklist, for what it is worth.

  7. Depending on the set you open, but usually full interest on all cards listed, this set though only the pretty pictures grab my attention

  8. I’m positive I needed that Ron Gant card, that’s all I know.


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