Group Break: Moving on to Box #5!

The group break is officially past the halfway mark, at least in terms of boxes now that we are about to dig into the fifth (of eight) boxes.  For our next box, let's move up in time to the newest of the group break boxes:  2016 Panini Donruss.

The Panini Donruss box is a retail box with 24 packs and one promised relic or autograph.  I thought this box would be a nice addition to the break mostly because it will provide us with some newer players to go along with plenty of players from the late 90s and early 00s. 

Let's get it started!

2016 Panini Donruss:
Pack 1:
32.  Corey Seager - Dodgers
147.  Giancarlo Stanton - Marlins
63.  Prince Fielder - Rangers
72.  Manny Machado - Orioles
47.  Josh Donaldson - Blue Jays
D82-2.  Josh Donaldson - Blue Jays

It's a Donaldson hot pack!  The 1982 retro set is pretty nice - easily my favorite part of the 2016 Donruss set if I'm being honest.  The images in the set are (for the most part) top-notch and I hope that those of you who are lucky enough to land some of the '82 will agree with me!

Pack 2:
153.  Johnny Cueto - Royals
64. Buster Posey - Giants
101.  Ian Kinsler - Tigers
58.  Joey Votto - Reds
D82-44. Ken Griffey, Jr. - Mariners
Black border parallel:  89.  Matt Carpenter - Cardinals (#137/199)

The black bordered card is nice looking - especially for a team like the Cardinals with the red and black on the border.  Unfortunately though, the card came out of the pack damaged a bit on the bottom (you can see some "flipped up" paper).  This card came in a pack with a dummy card (thick cardboard) and I'm guessing that's what caused the slight damage.  Still, it's a nice looking design.

Pack 3:
158.  Addison Russell - Cubs
163.  Carlos Rodon - White Sox
103.  Charlie Blackmon - Rockies
67.  Miguel Cabrera - Tigers
The Prospects:  TP7. Orlando Arcia - Brewers

D82-48.  Robin Yount - Brewers

The Brewers did well with that pack, both the Yount and the Arcia are quite nice.

Pack 4:
167.  Jorge Soler - Cubs
106.  Joc Pederson - Dodgers
75.  Starling Marte - Pirates

82.  Yadier Molina - Cardinals
Studio:  S6.  Kyle Schwarber - Cubs

D82-3.  Lorenzo Cain - Royals

Another nice pack, the Studio insert is very much a throwback to the old '90s Studio sets. 

That was a good start to the box - and with 24 packs total we have only just begun our odyssey.  Come back soon for more!


  1. I really hate the modern exclusive contracts thing they do now. I miss the days when the competition could at least mention the team name or leave the dang logos on. Panini has done a decent job of reviving the Donruss brand, but the lack of logos and team names makes the designs suffer. If you don't see the city name immediately is that player in the black uniform on the White Sox? Yankees? Oops no he's an Oriole. Don't even mention the guys in red... Reds, Red Sox, Cardinals, Nationals, Phillies, Angels, and occasionally Indians and Rangers.


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