Group Break? Some Questions that Need Answered First!

I am thinking about hosting another group break here on the blog, but I have some questions for all of you that might be interested.

1.  How important is it to have the break happen live on video (for this break, I'm thinking some older products that aren't "hit driven" if that matters to you).  With my baby, planning ANYTHING out where I have be gone for an hour or longer is tough - it can be done, but it's tough so I want to hear what you think about video for a break.

2.  How many different boxes/brands would you like to see included in a break of older stuff?

3.  What price point should I shoot for?

4.  Do you prefer  A)  pick your own team,  B) pick one team, get one random team, or C) buy a slot in the break and get a team assigned at random after the break is full?

That's it for the moment.  I will say that I have a few boxes in hand that I've been slowly accumulating for my next "retro" group break.  As a hint, one of them has the word "Total" in the brand.


  1. You got my interest. Lets see answers....
    1. To me a video being "live" is not that important I have missed way too many videos at the time they happened. Memorex is fine with me.

    2. Two or three. It may depend on the products. Some older products are super cheap while others just buying one pack is like buying a modern higher end product that is jewel encrusted.

    3. I'm cool with a range of $30-$50

    4. I prefer choice A then choice B. I rarely participate in breaks that are entirely random like choice C.

    I am "totally" psyched for a break that is not dependent on just "hits". I am often saddened by collectors being only Hit oriented and Prospect Obsessed.

  2. 1. I don't need a video as long as the breaker is a trusted member of our community.
    2. The number of boxes doesn't matter as long as there's decent value. (When I say "value" I mean cards from sets most people probably don't already have in their collection.
    3. I would agree with CaptKirk42's price suggestion.
    4. Personally, my favorite is Option A, but I understand that it's hard to sell all slots in a 30 team break. B is probably your best option. Please, don't do C unless you allow trading.

  3. 1. I don't usually watch the videos. I trust the people I send money to, and I just don't have the time.
    2. I value base cards nearly as much as fancy cards, so more (cards) is better to me.
    3. The price of a blaster is easy to justify for me.
    4. B is usually my favorite, but A works if there's enough interest in all the teams.

  4. 1. Also a dad and yeah kids makes it hard to watch the videos. I'll try and pop in briefly but it's rough and not a big deal if it's not on video.
    2. Just lots of base cards and preferably a balanced checklist. Nothing kills interest in a box than finding out that my team has like no cards on a given checklist.
    3. Gonna say ~$20 and second the blaster comment.
    4. A and B are both fine. It's nice to get the random but if more participants can get the per-person price down a bit that's much better.


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