Group Break: Tuesday is for Donruss!

Happy Halloween Eve, everyone.  For me, I can't say that I get overly excited about Halloween.  Sure, I bought a few bags of candy so that my wife and I can hand out goodies to local trick-or-treaters but otherwise I find Halloween to be one of my least cared about holidays.  Thanksgiving, on the other hand, is one of my favorite days so at least the next "big day" on the holiday calendar is one of my favorites!

That all had nothing to do with the current group break box that we are in the middle of busting:  2016 Panini Donruss.  Sometimes it's simply hard to come up with some sort of interesting preamble to a pack post!

2016 Panini Donruss:
Pack 9:
177.  Ryan Sandberg - Cubs
126.  Carlos Carrasco - Indians
134.  Hisashi Iwakuma - Mariners
95.  Madison Bumgarner - Giants
Pink parallel:  98.  Colby Lewis - Texas

D82-38.  Kevin Pillar - Blue Jays

The pink bordered parallels are not serially numbered, in case you were wondering.

Pack 10:
45.  Richie Shaffer - Rays
184.  Rickey Henderson - Athletics
128. Cole Hamels - Rangers
97.  Michael Wacha - Cardinals

122.  Jeurys Familia - Mets
D82-18. Prince Fielder - Rangers

Pack 11:
28.  Prince Fielder - Rangers
152.  Chris Archer - Rays
157.  Yasmany Tomas - Diamondbacks
102.  Ben Revere - Blue Jays
57. Bryce Harper - Nationals

D82-7.  Jake Arrieta - Cubs

I like that Arrieta image a lot!

Pack 12:
162.  Rusney Castillo - Red Sox
105.  Jason Kipnis - Indians
66.  Nolan Arenado - Rockies
74.  Brandon Crawford - Giants
Power Alley:  PA7.  Madison Bumgarner - Giants

D82-12.  Bryce Harper - Nationals

A pair of nice Harpers in the last couple of packs but the neatest card in some ways is the Power Alley card of the pitcher Madison Bumgarner.  

Donruss may be fairly simple in design and lacking in team logos but I have to admit, it's simply fun to open up!  Almost every pack has something neat in it - and that's without even considering the possibility of a relic or autograph (of which we should get one in our box by the way)!


  1. Yes, that is a nice looking Arrieta. Good pull!


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