Friday, November 16, 2018

Barry Larkin Collection 627: 2000 Upper Deck Victory - #256

Barry Larkin
Year:  2000
Brand:  Upper Deck Victory
Card number:  256

The 2000 Upper Deck Victory set was a no-frills, 466 card set.  Like many Upper Deck sets from around the turn of the century, Victory is mostly unremarkable while still instantly looking like an Upper Deck product from that time period.  Truthfully, I have a hard time quickly differentiating many of the Upper Deck sets from that era (though the worst brand for me is Bowman...they look the same year in and year out for last decade or so)!

As for this particular Larkin card, it's not awful but I've seen a lot better.  I do like the large team logo on the backside - and I appreciate the full career statistics (something that Upper Deck seemed to be loathe to do on their cards).  The front main image is alright but I don't like the weirdly cropped and blown up version of Larkin's head at the bottom of the card.  I also don't like when cards utilize multiple fonts all over the place for no reason - a problem that plagues the card front here.

In the end, this card is decidedly "meh" for me.  However, it is another Larkin card for the binder and so I am happy to own it.  You just won't see me clamoring to try and collect the entire 2000 Upper Deck Victory set anytime soon!


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