Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Delivery Time! A Package from April 2018!

A few days ago, I mentioned that my goal was to get all caught up on trade packages.  Looking through my stack of packages that I still need to write about, I stumbled across an envelope from Ryan over at the seemingly now defunct Base Card Hero blog.

Back in April, Ryan posted about trying to pare down his collection.  He offered up base & insert lots for various teams - all you had to do was either send him a bit of cash or trade him some Twins stuff.  I went the trade route and sent him some Twins inserts plus a Twins relic that I hoped he'd like.  In return, he sent me a nice stack of Reds.

I actually put off posting about this envelope for a long time because I was hoping that Ryan would come back to his blog.  However, it's now November and I'm desperately trying to clear out all my old trade packages so I cannot wait any longer!  Whether or not Ryan returns to blogging, I can say he went out in style with me since there were a pair of Barry Larkin cards nestled in the stack of random Reds.

Other highlights of the small pile included this surprisingly nice unlicensed card of Ken Griffey, Jr. that I had never seen before.

While Ryan (probably) won't see this post ever, I do want to publicly thank him for the nice and easy swap.  As for anyone else, if you'd like to trade hit me up - it won't be long before I'll be all out of trade envelopes to talk about otherwise!


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