Thursday, November 01, 2018

Group Break: 1997 Leaf Limited (plus a Group Break Rule Change!)

I hope everyone is ready to dig into a new box of cards now that the Panini Donruss box from 2016 is completed.  Next on the agenda, we go back to 1997 for Leaf Limited - a set that I don't believe I have ever owned a card from!

As usual, I have already busted the entire box on video - and during that box break I realized something about the set that I didn't know ahead of time.  Almost every single card features two players from two different teams (one on the front and one on the back of the card).  I talked about this problem on the video (basically I'd have to do a ton of randomizing) but I think I have a more elegant solution.

Rule change:
If a card features players from two teams, but only one of those teams was a "claimed" team (the other being a "randomized" team) then the card will go in the claimed team's stack.  In this way, if a card features a Cardinal and a Ray, the card would go into Madding's St. Louis pile since he claimed the Cardinals while the Rays were a random team (assigned to me in this particular case).  This should be a good solution because we all probably are most interested in cards from our own team that we claimed while any extra cards from the other team are exactly that, extras.

1.  If a card features two teams that were "claimed" or two teams that were "random" then I will have to randomize those cards off later in the group break. 
2.  If we pull two of the same card in the box, then one copy will go to each of the featured teams regardless of whether or not one team was claimed and the other not claimed.

Also, for everyone's sake, here are the 15 claimed teams in the break that will get card assignment priority.

Alright, with that out of the way, let's start busting packs!

1997 Leaf Limited:
Pack 1:
123. Quinton McCracken - Rockies / Barry Bonds - Giants

119.  Francisco Cordova - Pirates / Juan Guzman - Blue Jays
91.  Brett Butler - Dodgers / Tony Gwynn - Padres
49.  Jeff Blauser - Braves / Pokey Reese - Reds
23.  Robin Ventura - White Sox / Chipper Jones - Braves

Pack 2:
33.  Marty Cordova - Twins / Brooks Kieschnick - Cubs
59.  Angel Echevarria - Rockies / Sammy Sosa - Cubs

15.  Bob Abreu - Astros / Todd Hollandsworth - Dodgers
182.  Paul O'Neil - Yankees / Ryan Klesko - Braves
175.  Scott Hatteberg - Red Sox / Javier Lopez - Braves

Pack 3:
5.  Kevin Orie - Cubs / Cal Ripken, Jr. - Orioles

32.  Russ Davis - Mariners / Wade Boggs - Yankees
102.  Paul Sorrento - Mariners / Fred McGriff - Braves
74.  Brett Tomko - Reds / Joey Hamilton - Padres
50.  Joe Randa - Pirates / Ken Caminiti - Padres

Pack 4:
34.  Denny Neagle - Braves / Andy Pettitte - Yankees
60.  Jimmy Key - Orioles / Dennis Reyes - Dodgers
135.  Andy Pettitte / Hideki Irabu - Yankees

84.  Antone Williamson - Brewers / Dmitri Young - Cardinals
109. Andy Benes - Cardinals / Shane Reynolds - Astros

The Double Team cards are base cards that feature two players from the same team.  From what I've seen, they appear to be short prints in the set which is too bad because as a group break host single team cards are much easier to deal with!


P-town Tom said...

Love the rule change! I don't need anymore Royals out of this break than necessary. LOL
Plus, I think that means I just landed a new Brooks Kieschnick for my player collection of him. That's a big score for me!

Nick Vossbrink said...

This is a good rule change.

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