Saturday, November 03, 2018

Group Break: 1997 Leaf Limited - The Reason I Wanted this Set in the Break!

If all goes well, we will finish off the box of 1997 Leaf Limited today for our group break.  Then, it'll be on to Topps Total before finishing with Topps Gold Label.

1997 Leaf Limited:
Pack 17:
113.  Eric Owens - Reds / Trey Beamon - Padres
139.  Dwight Gooden - Yankees / Justin Thompson - Tigers
48.  Scott Spiezio - Athletics / Craig Biggio - Astros
22.  Lou Collier - Pirates / Derek Jeter - Yankees
11.  Eric Karros - Dodgers / Jeff Bagwell - Astros

The first three cards were all duplicates but we did pick up a couple of nice new cards (for claimed teams no less) with the final two cards in the pack.

Pack 18:
79.  Bip Roberts - Royals / Shannon Stewart - Blue Jays
52.  Jason Dickson - Angels / Randy Johnson - Mariners
143.  Matt Morris - Cardinals / Kevin Brown - Marlins
96.  Derrek Lee - Padres / Joe Carter - Blue Jays
Fabric of the Game:  35.  Tino Martinez - Yankees (wood)  (#0467/1000)

Woo!  This is one of the reasons that I wanted the Leaf Limited box in the group break - I thought the idea of the "Fabric of the Game" insert set was quite awesome.  This card is definitely cool - though I have to say that it suffers quite heavily from chipping, especially on the backside (which you'll be able to see in the video).  Still, it's a cool card and I'm glad the insert went to a team that was actually claimed in the break.

Also, I should mention that all of the other cards in that pack were duplicates.

Pack 19:
146.  Brian Jordan - Cardinals / Jose Guillen - Pirates
124.  Alan Benes - Cardinals / Roger Clemens - Blue Jays
Limited Exposure parallel:  58.  Dave Hollins - Angels / Ron Coomer - Twins

154.  Reggie Sanders - Reds / David Justice - Indians
134  Mark Wohlers - Braves / Mariano Rivera - Yankees

Did you know that there are three different Barry Larkin cards in this set and I've yet to see even one of them?  Even worse for me, I actually still need all three for my collection.  There are also the parallel cards of Larkin but that'd be greedy to even think about asking for, right?

Pack 20:
142.  Manny Ramirez - Indians / Tim Salmon - Angels
159.  Jeff Fassero - Mariners / Jeff Suppan - Red Sox
163.  Dan Wilson - Mariners / Sandy Alomar, Jr. - Indians
150.  Ray Lankford - Cardinals / Henry Rodriguez - Expos
174.  Brian Giles - Indians / Todd Dunwoody - Marlins

Another pack with nothing but duplicates.

Despite the large number of duplicates, this was still a decent set of packs thanks to the awesome Fabric of the Game card. 

One more set of packs to go and then this box will be finished!


P-town Tom said...

None of the 3 Larkins and all these duplicates? Wow, I'm just floored by how poor the collation has been in this box.

The Lost Collector said...

That's such a great Tino. I think I paid around $25 for that as a kid the year it came out. Still don't see them on the market very often!

The Angels In Order said...

Hard to believe no Larkins. Nice Tino though.

Fuji said...

This is seriously an amazing product. The Limited Exposure parallels are gorgeous. And I totally forgot about the Fabric of the Game inserts. Gotta head over to COMC to see if I can swoop down on some cheap copies.

Defenders50 said...

You know it's a good box when you get a Tino hit.

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