Sunday, November 04, 2018

Group Break: Digging Into Topps Total!

I have to admit that I'm conflicted with regards to the 2002 Topps Total box in the group break.  On the one hand, I figured that the Total box would provide a huge amount of cards for everyone (the box should have 360 cards in it).  On the other hand, I am definitely dreading having to type up all 360 cards.

That said, I did decide to forgo the video for the box which means I can bust one pack and then type it up before moving on to the next.  If nothing else, that will keep me a bit more interested (and provide some variety to the process for me).

Let's get it started!

2002 Topps Total:
Pack 1:
963.  Grant Roberts - Mets
434.  Chin-Feng Chen - Dodgers
261.  Henry Mateo - Expos
18.  Kyle Kane - White Sox
251.  Ugueth Urbina - Red Sox
451.  Jake Westbrook - Red Sox
Total Production:  TP4.  Edgar Martinez - Mariners

357.  Brian Jordan - Dodgers
238.  Pete Harnisch - Rockies

534.  Pat Mahomes - Cubs
Checklist 4 of 6

Pack 2:
493.  Dane Sardinha - Reds
849.  Keith Ginter - Astros
51.  Benito Baez - Marlins
636.  Tim Worrell - Giants
14.  Tino Martinez - Cardinals

448.  Shawn Wooten - Angels
772.  Nelson Castro - Giants
344.  Brandon Claussen - Yankees
934.  Craig Kuzmic - Mariners
168.  Alex Graman - Yankees
3 of 30.  Braves Checklist

Phew!  That's a lot of typing of names...and what names they are.  I'd say 50% of each pack is guys that I either have never heard of or perhaps only barely heard of.  Kind of a fun product if you are into things like middle relievers.


P-town Tom said...

I'm all for cards of middle reliever and back-up catchers!

Nick Vossbrink said...

This looks like a bear of a set to collect but is wonderful for team collectors since a lot of those middle relievers, etc are guys who *never* make it onto cards. It's also a fun one for college alumni collections since it'll get the cup-of-coffee guys there too.

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