Saturday, November 03, 2018

Group Break: The Final Four Packs of Leaf Limited with TWO Box Hits!

This is it for the 1997 Leaf Limited box.  Four packs to get through and then it'll be on to our box of Topps Total.  The end of the group break is nearing - I hope you've all enjoyed yourselves so far!

1997 Leaf Limited:
Pack 21:
41.  Chris Widger - Expos / Todd Greene - Angels
47.  Cecil Fielder - Yankees / Mo Vaughn - Red Sox
169.  Larry Walker - Rockies

71.  Mark Grace - Cubs / Darin Erstad - Angels
14.  Vinny Castilla - Rockies / Matt Williams - Indians

Woah, that's a surprise - our second box hit of the box!  The Star Factor cards are seeded 1:24 packs but we managed to pull two in our box.  This one even goes to a claimed team - congrats to the Rockies!

Pack 22:
171.  Mike Sweeney - Royals / Ivan Rodriguez - Rangers
158.  Curtis Goodwin - Reds / Michael Tucker - Braves
80.  Alex Fernandez - Marlins / Shawn Estes - Giants
108.  Ellis Burks - Rockies / Jeffrey Hammonds - Orioles
27.  Jeff Bagwell - Astros / Darin Erstad - Angels

The Bagwell/Erstad card is part of the Unlimited subset - a set seeded rarer than one-per-box (they are seeded 1:36 packs).  That's a great little hit for the Astros!

Pack 23:
109.  Andy Benes - Cardinals / Shane Reynolds - Astros
84.  Antone Williamson - Brewers / Dmitri Young - Cardinals
172.  Jose Rosado & Kevin Appier - Royals

67.  Andy Ashby - Padres / Tom Glavine - Braves
159.  Jeff Fassero - Mariners / Jeff Suppan - Red Sox

And our final pack...

Pack 24:
40.  Mark Grudzielanek - Expos / Nomar Garciaparra - Red Sox
66.  Rich Becker - Twins / Steve Finley - Padres
162.  Eric Davis - Orioles / Moises Alou  Marlins
65.  Todd Walker - Twins / Edgar Martinez - Mariners
92.  Rod Beck - Giants / John Wetteland - Rangers

Well, that's a wrap!  The second box hit plus the other even rarer subset card sort of saved this box a bit because overall the collation was awful.  Even more disappointing (at least to me), we didn't pull a single Barry Larkin card from the set...and I needed each and every Larkin.  Oh well, at least a number of people who are in the break made out quite well in the box.

As a reminder, any card that we pulled two of I'll simply add one card to each of the two team stacks.  The rest of the cards will be divided up into stacks by either the main claimed team getting priority (if the "other" team was a random team) OR by pure randomization if both teams were either claimed teams or if both teams were random teams.


P-town Tom said...

Interesting product for sure with most cards having two players per card. Too bad about the collation and no Larkins.

Nachos Grande said...

Yeah, the lack of Larkins was disappointing for me. The collation stunk - but we made out with more "hits" than we should have gotten, so I guess that's alright. Getting two of the same card here hurt a lot less since it was a group break - it meant that I didn't have to resort to the randomizer nearly as much as I would have otherwise!

Bru said...

Daaaaaaamn, that's a nice new Bagwell for me! Thanks Chris!

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