Thursday, November 01, 2018

Group Break: Finding a Limited Exposure Parallel

I'm back with more packs out of the 1997 Leaf Limited group break box.  I was super excited to bust this box since it was a new product (to me) and there are some Barry Larkin cards in the set that I don't yet own.  Will I get lucky and land a new Larkin?  Only one way to find out...

1997 Leaf Limited:
Pack 5:
80.  Alex Fernandez - Marlins / Shawn Estes - Giants
108.  Ellis Burks - Rockies / Jeffrey Hammonds - Orioles
98.  Wilson Alvarez - White Sox / Esteban Loaiza - Pirates
73.  Lance Johnson - Mets / Kenny Lofton - Braves
Limited Exposure parallel:  103.  Bernie Williams - Yankees / Jermaine Allensworth - Pirates

The Limited Exposure parallel is basically Leaf's version of Topps' Finest technology.  It's a nice looking card, even if it is a knock-off of a competitor's brand.  I guess that makes sense though - there's no reason to try and copy a crappy design from your competition!

Pack 6:
174.  Brian Giles - Indians / Todd Dunwoody - Marlins
163.  Dan Wilson - Mariners / Sandy Alomar, Jr. - Indians
150.  Ray Lankford - Cardinals / Henry Rodriguez - Expos
86.  Dennis Eckersley - Cardinals / Billy Wagner - Astros
114.  Darryl Kile - Astros / Curt Schilling - Phillies

Pack 7:
48.  Scott Spiezio - Athletics / Craig Biggio - Astros

72.  Edgardo Alfonzo - Mets / Scott Rolen - Phillies
58.  Dave Hollins - Angels / Ron Coomer - Twins
85.  Darryl Hamilton - Giants / Rickey Henderson - Padres
97.  F. P. Santangelo - Expos / John Mabry - Cardinals

Pack 8:
90.  Jeff Conine - Marlins / Will Clark - Rangers
118.  Brant Brown - Cubs / Juan Gonzalez - Rangers

52.  Jason Dickson - Angels / Randy Johnson - Mariners
29.  Kevin Young - Pirates / J.T. Snow - Giants
79.  Bip Roberts - Royals / Shannon Stewart - Blue Jays

Now that we've seen eight packs from the box, what do you all think of the set?  For me, it's kind of neat though the two player per card thing is a little weird.  The cards do look a bit better in person as opposed to how they appear in the scan, for whatever that is worth to you! 

More from the box soon, stay tuned...maybe next time I'll land a new Barry Larkin card.


Fuji said...

I think the Limited Exposure parallels from this product are one of the most underrated parallels of all-time. They're so shiny and beautiful.

Nick Vossbrink said...

Oh nice I get at least 2 Giants from this box too. Was worried that would be a big zippo…

Nachos Grande said...

Fuji: Yes, the parallels are gorgeous - the scans don't do them justice!

Nice: Yep, I think everyone will be happier to get cards for "their" team rather than simply me randomizing everything.

P-town Tom said...

Sweet... I'll take a Brant Brown rookie!

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