Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Barry Larkin Collection 632: 2001 Bowman Heritage - #329

Barry Larkin
Brand:  Bowman Heritage
Card number:  329

The 2001 Bowman Heritage set was the first of Topps' homage to the historical Bowman brand.  The Bowman Heritage brand would last until 2007, but you can't beat the 2001 set for a true historical flashback sort of set.  Topps improved upon (in my opinion) the original Bowman design by producing the 2001 Heritage set at today's standard card sizes (original Bowman cards were smaller than today's cards and thus would be a big pain to store in modern card pages as they would slide all over the place). 

As for the Larkin card itself, the front is entirely a minimalistic design, but it works fine here.  You can instantly recognize Barry, even without a team or player name plate to be found.  The back of the card features a nice write-up of Barry's many accomplishments (but no statistics).  The legalize and logos at the bottom of the card are a bit distracting (and much too large) but otherwise I think this is a nice retro card design. 

I should note that there is a partial set parallel of chrome cards in the 2001 Bowman Heritage set but only the first 110 cards got the chrome treatment (and thus the card above is Larkin's only card in the 2001 edition of the set). 


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