Friday, January 04, 2019

Barry Larkin Collection 639: 2001 Donruss - #492 - Anniversary Originals insert

Barry Larkin
Year:  2001 (but it's a slabbed 1987 card)
Brand:  Donruss
Insert set:  Anniversary Originals
Card number:  492

This is one of the dumbest gimmicks that I've seen in a long time - so dumb, in fact, that I've been tempted to remove this card from my Larkin Collection (I won't do that, but I'm tempted)! 

Basically, the idea was that Donruss put a slabbed card as a box loader in each hobby box.  Unfortunately for collectors, many of those cards weren't even of the highest grades - and, quite honestly, weren't even cards that were worth slabbing in the first place!  Case in point, this Larkin rookie card is from the 1987 Donruss set - an entirely forgettable set as it is.  Even worse, it only scored a grade of 7.5 which is pretty a sad box loader, especially for anyone who isn't a die-hard Larkin collector.

I have no idea how many different Barry Larkin cards were distributed in 2001 Donruss boxes in this manner.  I don't think it really matters though because the only thing that is different about this card and an original 1987 Donruss Larkin is the slab with the little label.  The card itself is an untouched 1987 Donruss.  Like I said, this was a dumb gimmick that I hope never gets repeated by another card company.


Fuji said...

I enjoy collecting buyback rookie cards... but if there's no stamp or anything... then I agree 100%. This is dumb.

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