Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Barry Larkin Collection 642: 2001 Topps Stars - #91

Barry Larkin
Year:  2001
Brand:  Topps Stars
Card number:  91

I never knew about the Topps Stars set until many, many years later - but one quick glance at this card design and you can see that I didn't miss much good at all in that time.  The set looks a lot like the much later (and equally ugly) Upper Deck X brand, though I guess the design is suppose to be a star here and not the letter "x."

I've grown to generally dislike when the same image is used on the front and backside of a card - but even I can admit that it sort of works here (the different cropping helps I guess).  I kind of like the star ratings as well (fits with the brand name) but even so, the back is awfully sparse when you really look at it.

All things considered, while I don't love the Topps Stars brand I can't help but be somewhat impressed by the various parts of this card that I do like.  When I first set out to write this post, I was expecting it to be full of hate, but really, this card isn't all that bad (it's not all that good either, let's not get carried away).

As for the set itself, there are 2 parallels of this card that I have yet to track down plus an Elimination partial parallel.  The Gold parallels are numbered out of 499, the Onyx parallels to 99, and the Elimination cards are out of 100 (but not serially numbered).  Given the relative rarity of the cards, I doubt I'll track any of them down any time soon but I guess you never know for sure!


JayP said...

I can see how you dislike the set, but I actually find it to be really cool.

I’ve had cards from 2001 Stars in my collection since opening a couple packs as a kid back in ‘01-‘02. I actually decided to start building the set this year (minus probably the RCs at the end of the checklist).

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