Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Great Reorganization: Step 35: Taking Stock of Where I Am and Where I Need to Go

I've been using my long-running Great Reorganization series of posts to document my various successes in terms of (finally) getting my baseball card collection fully organized.  It's been a long and rather arduous process, no doubt made more challenging by moving houses a couple of years ago as well as the fact that I keep buying more cards (and trading cards as well). 

All that said, I'm hopeful that 2019 is the year that I finally get the collection organized once and for all.  In an effort to hold myself accountable, today's post is a quick look into my next (and largest) remaining projects en route to completely organizing everything:  my man cave baseball card table.

In a word, the table is a wreck right now.  As you can see, there are stacks and stacks of cards.  While some of the cards are actually sorted, most of them are not - and that's a huge project that I need to get done.  There are also a lot of stacks of Barry Larkin cards that need to be sorted (with any new ones scanned and then added to the appropriate binders). 

My other big remaining project is my non-Reds Frankenset.  I've been saving cards for years for possible inclusion in the set - but right now most of those saved cards are simply stacked up on a bookshelf.

I need to go through and organize all of those (which I've started on - I've already reduced the unsorted cards by about two boxes).

The downside to both remaining projects is that they are fairly labor intensive and they both will take a lot of time.  Time that I need to force myself to set aside or else it'll be June and I won't have any progress to show all of you.

That's where this post comes in.  It's a reminder of where I was...and hopefully *fingers crossed* I'll be able to show actual, tangible progress before too long!


Fuji said...

Congratulations on organizing your baseball collection organized! That's a dream of mine. One of those dreams that probably won't happen until retirement. That non-Red Frankenset sounds interesting. What kinds of cards qualify for that set? Cool cards? Favorite players? Great photography? All of the above? Whatever the response... best of luck. I love all of the Frankensets collectors build. Another thing I'd like to eventually do for myself one day.

Nachos Grande said...

Fuji: For the non-Reds Frankenset it'll be a mix of favorite players from other teams, great photography, and other cards that simply strike me as interesting for some reason. I'm sure there will be a few "duds" in there as I try to round out all 700+ cards in the set but I'm looking forward to putting it together.

GCA said...

I've got the same issue - a pile of stuff on the sorting table. What's worse, I've been off work all week out sick, and still haven't moved much of it. I've been able to organize a lot of my tradeable stuff and make a few more lists for new sets, but haven't dove into my put-aways yet.

RAZ said...

I've started sorting my cards and adding them to my Trading Card Database collection again. This time I hope I can actually get through everything without quitting. So far I've got about a 5000-count box done. It's easy to sort and list sets that I have a lot of cards from, but player collections and random cards from various products are very labor-intensive. That tends to be where I bog down. I've been setting aside those piles of random cards and working to collate products that are represented by a couple hundred or more cards in my collection.

Chris said...

That's pretty much what my card room looks like right now, as I try to log all my cards on TCDB while also overhauling my storage and organization. It looks like you've got a nice sized space for spreading out everything.

Henry Blanchette said...

Organizing one's collection can be an extremely tedious process, no matter what you're trying to accomplish. I remember when I finished organizing all my player collections last year. It took a while, but it was 100% worth it.

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