Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Barry Larkin Collection 650: 2004 Donruss Elite - #PT35 - Passing the Torch insert - Green parallel (#/250)

Barry Larkin & Joe Morgan
Year:  2004
Brand:  Donruss Elite
Insert set:  Passing the Torch, Green parallel #218/250
Card number:  PT-35.

For my 650th (!) Barry Larkin Collection post, I thought I'd show off one of the few Larkin cards where he has to play second fiddle.  In this particular card, Joe Morgan gets top billing while Larkin gets relegated to the backside of the card.  Still, if you are going to be second best being a backup to Joe Morgan is probably the way to go. 

This particular card is a parallel of the Passing the Torch insert set.  From what I can tell, there is a base version of this card (#/500) as well as 3 other parallels (Blue #/125, Black #/50, and Gold #/25).  I don't (yet?) own any of the other parallels but if they are like this green parallel then I should be on the lookout.  I like the shininess of the card quite a bit - and it's fun to get other Reds' legends involved in my Barry Larkin binders.  All told, this one is a winner in my book and a perfect card for Larkin post #650!


Fuji said...

Two legends on one card. Always a fan of the Donruss Elite Passing the Torch inserts. I recently picked up the 1997 Cal Ripken/Alex Rodriguez for my PC.

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