Saturday, February 02, 2019

Delivery Time! A Mint Condition Swap

At the end of last year, I posted a whole lot of trade bait on my blog with the goal of using that trade bait to help me further my own various set collections.  I ended up with a decent number of takers for various cards including Jordan from Mint Condition.

Recently, Jordan sent off my end of the trade (and Jordan, your end of the trade is in the mail as I type this)!  Jordan claimed three relics, a couple of Andrew McCutchen parallels, and a couple of other random inserts from my long list of trade bait.  In return, Jordan did some pretty serious damage to a couple of my set needs!

First up, 1995 UD Collector's Choice.

My old want list for this set used to look like this:

Then, I got Jordan's cards.  Now, my want list for the set looks like this:

As you can see, Jordan drastically reduced the amount of cards that I still need from the set.  In fact, I went from need five "lines" worth of cards to only 3 "lines" worth of cards.  This set isn't particularly valuable or anything, but the simple fact that it is from 1996 has made acquiring the missing cards quite a challenge for me.  Therefore, getting such a huge chunk all at once was a wonderful mail day.

I ended up showing off my two favorite cards from the pile of Collector's Choice including that awesome shot of Lopez signing cards for fans at (I believe) a spring training game.  I also liked the rather unique shot of a pitcher getting hitting tips, even if the Dodgers' coach (player?) is mostly cut off in the photograph.

In addition to the giant stack of 1996 Collector's Choice cards, Jordan also sent a smaller (but no less appreciated) stack of 2000 Topps.  With the stack now safely tucked away in my set binder, my 2000 Topps needs are down to a very manageable 13 cards.  If you are wondering, here's what I'm still missing from that set:  46, 47, 84, 143, 209, 216, 219, 237, 328, 370, 449, 478, 479.

Finally, for the last of the cards from my want list, Jordan sent a single card from my 2009 Topps want list - but in a happy twist, that single card was the last card that I needed to finally complete the 2009 Legends of the Game insert set!

Having the Legends of the Game set completed means I have now completed three different sets so far in 2019.  One of my 2019 blog Resolutions was to knock a net gain of about 30 sets off my want list this year so this is a solid start to the goal!

Last but certainly not least, Jordan also threw in a few assorted Reds including a Barry Larkin card that I will eventually show off as well as a pair of autographs - one of which was this gorgeous Topps Gold Label framed auto of Luis Castillo.

I couldn't afford the new incarnation of Gold Label, but I wish I could as the cards are really nice looking!  At least I have some awesome trading partners who will occasionally throw a card from the set my way!

Thanks for all the goodies in the great trade, Jordan!  As for anyone else, if you'd like to trade be sure to check out my want list and make an offer!


Jordan said...

Knew you'd love that Castillo. Glad you enjoyed everything.

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