Friday, March 22, 2019

1999 Pacific Private Stock: Packs 15 - 17 (In Which we Find a Cal Ripken #/99!)

It's been a few days since I ripped some packs out of my 1999 Pacific Private Stock box.  I often find that spreading out the pack ripping process over a number of days actually prolongs the fun and excitement of the box rip for me.  If I go through an entire box too quickly, I often feel a bit letdown in the end because it all went by so quickly.  In addition, going slower lets me take a closer look at each card out of the pack - not exactly a great thing with this particular set since the cards are fairly pedestrian when it comes to things to read or notice but still, it's a good box opening strategy for me to ensure I get as much enjoyment as possible out of a box rip.

All that said, I'm ready to rip some more packs so let's get to it!

Pack 15:

75.  Edgard Clemente
16.  Alex Rodriguez  (need it!)
136.  David Segui
98.  Orlando Hernandez (need it!)
Mini:  130.  Aramis Ramirez
Vintage Series Parallel:  15.  Cal Ripken, Jr.  (#42/99)

Landing the A-Rod card was nice since acquiring cards of stars of the late 90s isn't always the easiest thing to do these days!  Even more impressive, I pulled a Vintage Series parallel of Cal Ripken, Jr. numbered out of only 99.  The Vintage Series cards are the rarest of the four parallels with only 99 of each card produced.  It's certainly nice to find one in my box.  The fact that the card features one of the biggest stars of the game (and a Hall of Famer) is even better!

Pack 16:

105.  Jason Kendall (need it)
72.  Jeff Cirillo
32.  Ben Grieve
6.  Ken Griffey, Jr. (need it)
150.  Kevin Young
Mini:  110.  Barry Larkin

Alright, first of all that Larkin mini is the third Larkin in the box!  Of course, now I've landed two of the same mini Larkin card, but if I'm going to end up with duplicate minis I could certainly do much, much worse.  I would have liked this one to be the rarer red back version but still, beggars can't be choosers, right?

I also have to admit that I'm even happier to pull the Griffey Jr. card for my set than I was to get the A-Rod.  That's two star cards that I needed now located.  Good times.

Pack 17:

142.  Greg Vaughn
111.  Mark Loretta (need it)
16.  Alex Rodriguez
59.  Dante Bichette
85.  Dennis Eckersley (need it)
Mini:  21.  Roberto Alomar

You'll notice I pulled my second A-Rod base card this post.  I needed the first one, but I don't need two copies of the card.  There's no doubt that I'll have a pile of trade bait when this box is finally fully ripped and sorted - there have been a lot of duplicates within the box (which is disappointing, I won't lie).  Still, all told I got six cards closer to completing my base set in this set of three packs and that includes both Griffey and A-Rod.  Not bad when you look at it that way.


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