Saturday, March 23, 2019

1999 Pacific Private Stock: Packs 18 - 21 (in Which We Find More '90s Super Stars!)

I'm nearing the end of the 24 pack box of 1999 Pacific Private Stock.  I've made decent progress on my set needs and in the last batch of packs I even pulled a really nice Cal Ripken, Jr. card numbered out of only 99.  Not bad for a box from 1999!

So what else does the box hold?  Let's find out together, shall we?

Pack 18:

136.  David Segui
96.  Bob Henley (need it)
25.  Wade Boggs (need it)
75.  Edgard Clemente
107.  Jeff King (need it)
Mini:  148.  Matt Williams

No complaints about getting three more needed base cards from a single pack.  Seeing Wade Boggs in a Rays uniform will forever be odd to me.

Pack 19:
69.  Vinny Castilla
109.  Ray Lankford
49.  Bernie Williams
132.  Armando Rios
98.  Orlando Hernandez
Mini:  92.  Jose Guillen

Nothing but unneeded cards in this pack.  At one point prior to this box I did need two of the cards but now I've pulled doubles of both.  This goes down as the first pack where I didn't get anything new for my set which I guess isn't too bad considering how poor the collation has been in the box overall.

Pack 20:

57.  Marvin Bernard
51.  Bobby Abreu (need it)
12.  Mark McGwire (need it)
70.  Eric Chavez
52.  Garrett Anderson (need it)
Mini:  29.  Darin Erstad

That's better!  Another pack where I needed three of the five base cards.  There's hope yet that I might finish off the entire base set by the time the box is completely ripped.

Since I had that one dud pack in there, let's rip one more today.

Pack 21:

101.  Randy Johnson
144.  Tim Wakefield
19.  Frank Thomas (need it)
120.  Dave Nilsson (need it)
118.  Bill Mueller
Mini:  93.  Carlos Guillen

Alright, another big star in the set that I can say I have tracked down.  It was only a couple of days ago on the blog that I was discussing how I sort of collect cards of Frank Thomas which makes landing his base card that much sweeter.  Oh yeah, I also got Dave Nilsson.  Woo.

Only three packs remain but those will have to wait for another post.


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