1999 Pacific Private Stock: Packs 9 - 11 (Another Larkin that I Needed!)

We made it through the first third of the box already.  I guess time really does fly when you are having fun, am I right?

Pack 9:

101.  Randy Johnson (need it)
135.  Curt Schilling (need it)
27.  Jose Canseco (need it)
69.  Vinny Castillo (box duplicate)
82.  Delino DeShields (need it)
Mini:  115.  Fred McGriff

Four cards that I needed including that Randy Johnson as a member of the Astros.  Pretty cool stuff.

Pack 10:

64.  Kevin Brown (need it)
88.  Doug Glanville (need it)
2.  Roger Clemens (need it)
9.  Chipper Jones
146.  Devon White (need it)
Mini:  26.  Barry Bonds

Four more cards that I needed plus a sweet Barry Bonds mini card.  A solid pack for sure!

Pack 11:

114.  Quinton McCracken (need it)
110.  Barry Larkin (need it)
90.  Mark Grace (box duplicate)
136.  David Segui
40.  Pedro Martinez (need it)
Mini:  134.  Scott Rolen

Another nice mini in this pack but the highlight for me is the Barry Larkin base card.  I had one copy of the card already tucked away in my Barry Larkin binder but now I have a copy for my set binder as well.  Three more cards off the want list - this was a great trio of packs (even with the duplicate cards).


  1. Man...opening three packs and getting cards of Randy, Schilling, Canseco, Clemens, Larkin, and Pedro which are all needs? Awesome even if that list didn't include your favorite player!

  2. It's been a fun box thus far!

  3. Nice! If you hit a dupe of that Randy Johnson down the road I could use it.


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