30 Teams in 30 Posts: #5

I'm ranking all 30 of the MLB teams in order of how much I like them at this moment in time.  As with most countdowns, I'm starting with the worst (Cardinals) and I'll eventually end up with the best (Reds).  The real question now is:  Where will the other MLB teams land in my countdown?

When I sat down to make my list of favorite MLB teams, I more or less started the list from two directions.  I, of course, knew which team would be #1 (as well as #2) on my list immediately and I also knew which teams would populate the bottom of the list immediately.  From there, I basically filled in the rest going from worst to best in terms of how much I currently like each team.  Given how I did that, I don't know if anyone was as surprised as I was in terms of what team landed at #5 on my list.

#5:  New York Mets
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Image source:  https://www.newsday.com/sports/baseball/mets/jacob-degrom-home-run-mets-marlins-1.29346616
I definitely did not see that coming when I started to write down my list!  I consider myself a big market hater - and a quick look at my bottom five or six teams will confirm my bias.  And yet, somehow, the Mets ended up at #5.

I guess the Mets squeaked into my top 5 for a few reasons.  One, they are sort of an underdog team these days - constantly overshadowed by the Nationals (and now the Phillies) in terms of publicity in their own division as well as being overshadowed by the Yankees in their home city.  Second, the Mets have had a number of players worth rooting for lately including Jacob DeGrom, Jay Bruce (for a bit), and even entertaining figures like Cespedes. 

Now, I will say that I haven't yet forgiven the Mets for the 1999 season in which they knocked the Reds out of the playoffs - but honestly, that Reds team wasn't good enough to win the World Series anyhow so time has at least somewhat healed that wound. 

All that said, the moment the Mets start becoming a big city powerhouse team again is the moment you'll probably see them plummet way, way down my list towards the bottom again!

My list of favorite MLB teams (from worst to first):
#30:  St. Louis Cardinals
#29:  New York Yankees
#28:  San Francisco Giants
#27:  Washington Nationals
#26:  Boston Red Sox
#25:  Chicago Cubs
#24:  Atlanta Braves
#23:  Los Angeles Dodgers
#22:  Milwaukee Brewers
#21:  Miami Marlins
#20:  San Diego Padres
#19:  Arizona Diamondbacks
#18:  Texas Rangers
#17:  Los Angeles Angels
#16:  Kansas City Royals
#15:  Minnesota Twins
#14:  Oakland Athletics
#13:  Philadelphia Phillies
#12:  Tampa Bay Rays
#11:  Toronto Blue Jays
#10:  Detroit Tigers
#9:  Chicago White Sox
#8:  Colorado Rockies
#7:  Baltimore Orioles
#6:  Seattle Mariners
#5:  New York Mets
to be continued...


  1. Very nice to have you aboard the Mets bandwagon, at least a little! #LGM

  2. I think the Mets peaked for me back in the 80's when they had Darling, Gooden, Carter, Strawberry, and McReynolds. Back then... they were probably my 5th favorite team in baseball behind the A's, Padres, Cardinals, and... wait. Maybe they were my 4th favorite team back in the day.


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