Barry Larkin Collection 665: 1991 Topps Micro - #400

Barry Larkin
Year:  1991
Brand:  Topps Micro
Card number:  400

The Topps Micro set from 1991 is a dinky replicate of the regular 1991 Topps set.  According to baseballcardpedia, "Micro was sold exclusively to mass-market retail outlets as a factory set. Each card measures 1" X 1 3/8."  As you can see from the dimensions, these cards are indeed quite micro.  Amazingly, you can still (barely) read all of the text on the cards - even in the case of Larkin's All-Star card which features a list of lots of player names, the entire thing is readable (albeit with decent vision). 

Overall, other than the ridiculously tiny nature of the cards, there's nothing special about the Micro set.  In fact, I'd go so far to say that this set is annoying since the cards are so small it's hard to keep them in 9-pocket pages.  Still, I'm happy to have this card in my collection (I also own Larkin's regular base card from the Micro set but that will be saved for a future post since I only highlight one Larkin card per Barry Larkin Collection post)!


  1. For oddball sized smaller cards like this that I want in 9 pockets I slide them into the pocket then slide a penny sleeve into the same pocket upside down to help "seal" the card into the pocket sort of.


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