Delivery Time! Chavez Ravining Raining Cards

I have been working diligently to do two things with regards to baseball cards lately:
1.  Get all caught up on my trade posts.
2.  Get all caught up on mailing out cards.

For the first bullet point, I'm doing quite well.  As of this moment, I have only two more envelopes to scan and write posts about and then I'll have ALL the incoming mail off my desk!  While that's a great thing in terms of being caught up, it also means I ought to get back to trading so that I have more mail to talk about at a later date!

For the second bullet point, I am also making good progress.  One of the ways that I do my mail day posts is that I generally try not to talk about an incoming package until I've sent the recipient a return mailing.  That's why, in the case of today's post, Alex (from Chavez Ravining) had to wait a couple of weeks to see my thoughts on what he sent me since it took me that long to go through his want lists in an effort to find some cards that he wanted!  Luckily for both of us, I was able to do that last week and so now I can (finally) show off what he sent my way!

Alex had emailed me prior to mailing out the envelope saying he had a couple of Allen & Ginter cards for me that I needed.  I'm never one to turn down acquiring new Ginter so I was excited to see what he had.  Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed at all!

First, the card you see above is from this past year's World Talent full-sized insert set.  The World Talent set isn't anything special to most people, but I happen to like it a lot (probably because I'm such a sucker for country flags on baseball cards).  I'm still missing a bunch of cards from the set which is kind of odd since they aren't rare at all...if you happen to have any of the following (WT-8, 15, 19, 20, 29, 31, 33, 34, 40, 42, 43, 47), let me know as I'd love to work out a trade.

In addition to the World Talent card, Alex also had four A&G mini inserts for me, all from different mini sets.  We'll start with my favorite set of the three 2018 sets he sent along:

The Exotic Sports minis are all pretty cool - and the quirkiness of the set's subjects fits perfectly within the Allen & Ginter brand.  According to the card back, Elephant Polo began back in 1900 and since 1982 there has been a World Elephant Polo Association governing the sport.

Next, also from 2018 is this Postage Required card of the Two Penny Blue stamp.

In my lifetime, I've dabbled with collecting a lot of different things - some things have stuck (baseball cards, LEGO) while others have fallen by the wayside (coins).  One thing, however, that I never had much interest in collecting was stamps.  Therefore, while I appreciate what the Postage Required insert is doing I can't say the subject intrigues me to the same level as say the Exotic Sports set or even the Indigenous Heroes set.

Speaking of that set...

I'm inching closer and closer to finally completing this set - as well as some of the other mini A&G insert sets from 2018.  If you happen to have any unwanted minis, here's a link to my full want list.  As for Squanto, he was basically kidnapped and taken to England for several years before returning to North America while serving as an interpreter for the pilgrims in the 1620s in Plymouth. 

And finally, the last A&G card from Alex goes back to 2017.

That's a Constellations glow-in-the-dark insert set which is pretty cool in concept.  I've done a lot better with my 2017 mini insert sets, so the fact that Alex managed to find one that I needed is even that much more impressive (and appreciated by me)! 

Many, many thanks for the trade envelope Alex!  As for anyone else, if you'd like to trade be sure to check out my want list and make an offer!


  1. Yay! I'm glad the cards arrived and I was able to knock off a few of your needs. Hoping to knock out more soon as I get old cards back from my dad in California.

    And I just received a package of cards from you--thanks!! I'm behind on posting, but I'll be gettting that deal up on the blog soon.


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