Dinosaurs Galore! More From 2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs

Yesterday, I showed off a good chunk of my recent Check Out My Cards (COMC) order from eBay (confusing, but that's how it went down).  Today, let's look at the next batch of cards - all of which are from the 2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs set.

We'll begin with the three base cards that I was able to nab, all of which are short prints in the set.

The first is the Dire Wolf.

At five feet long and up to 200 lbs heavy, this was not a wolf that you'd want to mess with if you stumbled across it in the arctic.  According to the card back, dire wolf fossils are commonly found int he La Brea Tar Pits along with saber-toothed tiger remains.

Next, a card for the Aurochs.

The Aurochs were one of the largest herbivores in post-glacial Europe.  Remains of aurochs have been dated back to 2 million years ago but aurochs were still alive in Poland back in 1627.

And finally, a card of Thylacoleo.

Thylacoleo's name means "pouch lion" though the card back gives no indication as to why it got that name.  I'm imagining a lion with a pocket like a kangaroo.  Imagine being chased by a lion and then having a second, smaller and faster, lion jump out of the first lion.  That'd be terrifying, no?

Truthfully, it seems like pretty much every prehistoric animal was terrifying in its own right.

While the land animals of ancient times were no doubt scary, the really scare stuff actually lived in the sea.  If you saw the latest couple of Jurassic Park movies you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Upper Deck knew about how scary the water could be and so they created the supremely awesome Predators of the Sea shadow box card set.  This is a 21 card set that features marine creatures.  The cards are fairly rare (seeded 1 per every other hobby box) so this set has been a challenge to put together.  I'm still not there, but I did get to add two more new cards to my set with my latest order.

First up from the Predators set is Styxosaurus.

Styxosuarus was about 35 feet long, weight three to four tons, and roamed the seas of North America.  Fossils of the Styxosaurus have been found in North Dakota, not exactly the place you might expect to find such massive water animals!

The final card for this portion of my COMC purchase is another Predators of the Sea card.  This time, it's Cretoxyrhina.

This creature was actually a shark that lived 100 million years ago.  It's about 25 feet long and weight 1,000 - 2,000 pounds.  The first specimen was found in Kansas but it did roam the seas worldwide.

If there's one thing we learned from the last two cards it's that you didn't want to go swimming if you lived in what is currently the middle of the United States back 100 million years or so ago!  Yikes!

As for my set, if by chance you have any of the following from this set:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 13, 15, 16, 18, 20, 21, I'd love to work out a trade as those are the last of the Predator of the Seas cards that I need for my set!

I have one more batch of cards to show off from my order - and yes, it's going to involve dinosaurs (actual dinosaurs this time though, not just prehistoric creatures like today's post).


  1. Great set. The image of a small pouch lion jumping out of a larger one to chase me down definitely earned a chuckle out of me.


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