Thursday, May 23, 2019

How Low Can You Go?

Only six more packs remain in my box of 1992 Upper Deck.  Let's rip half of the remaining packs right now and leave the final three packs for another day.

Pack 31:

How low can you go?  Carney Lansford seems determined to keep a low profile, probably in part due to how close to home plate he is playing (that's the infield grass that he's set up on).  This appears to be an actual "in game" photograph too judging by the dirt on Carney's pants. 

Pack 32:

The above card is the checklist card for the prospects subset.  I have to admit, it's a pretty cool shot - I love the idea of prospects finding their way to their home cities.  I also love that each guy has his own team-centric sports bag.

Pack 33:

There are so many awesome catcher shots in 1992 Upper Deck.  For those that like players who don the tools of ignorance, I assure you that '92 Upper Deck is a set that seems custom made for you. 

That does it for this round of packs.  Only three more packs remain - what are the chances that I get one of those super rare Ted Williams autographs?  I'd guess slim-to-none with emphasis on the none but we shall see.


Fuji said...

That's a great looking card of Lansford. I don't do the whole TTM thing, but that card would look great with his signature on it.

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