Monday, May 13, 2019

More from the Big Trade: Some Stickers I'm Collecting

Last week, I mentioned getting a fairly large trade from blog reader Bob in the mail that was chock full of cards from various sets that I'm working on.  In an effort to give each set its own time to shine, I decided to dedicate each post to a single set and explain my thought process for why I decided to go after the set in question.  Last time, I looked at 2000 Topps.  This time we travel back a few years earlier to 1997 Upper Deck Collector's Choice.

The decision to collect the '97 edition of UD Collector's Choice was actually made back in 1997.  This is one of the few sets that I recall purposely going to the store to buy packs in an effort to build the set.  Of course, this was way before I realized the folly of trying to complete sets one retail pack at a time (from different boxes no less).  Still, it was a fun summer of card buying at my local CVS which is where I bought the vast majority of my baseball cards that year.

Today, I am pleased to say that I have finished the entire base set.  However, my love for the '97 Collector's Choice set compelled me to chase after some of the insert sets as well - and it's those (well, one of those anyhow) that we take a look at today.

That's a pair of Stick 'Ums, an aptly named insert set featuring - you guessed it - stickers.  Each Stick 'Um has a sticker for the player in question along with a sticker of the player's name on a banner as well as a team logo sticker.  You also get stickers for both the "Stick 'Ums" insert logo and the Collector's Choice logo but I doubt either of those particular stickers are in high demand.

Thanks to the two cards that Bob sent my way, I now own two-thirds of this insert set.  In addition to the stickers, I'm also still working on a second insert set from the same brand:  Big Shots.  If interested, here's my full want list of what I still am missing from 1997 Collector's Choice:

1997 UD Collector's Choice:Big Shots: 1, 3, 4, 5, 9, 13
Stick 'Ums:  5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 29, 30

Turning our attention back to the Stick 'Ums, here's the full checklist thanks to it being printed on the backside of each Stick 'Um card.

As you can see, I need:
5:  Jeff Bagwell
6:  Manny Ramirez
7:  Kenny Lofton
8:  Albert Belle
10:  Chipper Jones
12:  Dante Bichette
14:  Andres Galarraga
16:  Brady Anderson
29:  Ken Caminiti
30:  Frank Thomas

The good news is that I have most of the big stars from the set already.  Based on the list of what I still need, probably only Frank Thomas qualifies as a big remaining star (and maybe Chipper Jones I guess).  Otherwise, it's  abunch of solid players from the late 90s that I need to track down (plus Brady Anderson).

My goal of whittling my want list down to under 100 sets by the end of 2019 is still on track.  Getting large trades like the one discussed today obviously helps, but quite frankly, acquiring ANY number of needed cards helps me out!  If you happen to have anything I could use, let me know and hopefully we can work out a swap.


TSHenson said...

I will check but I may have the three Indians stickers you need.

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