(Even) Better Know a Blogger: Mark H.

Welcome to (Even) Better Know a Blogger week!  Each day this week, my goal is to publish an interview with a fellow blogger.  To be included, bloggers had to email me for a questionnaire, fill it out, and then email it back to me.  Simple!  I think many of us enjoyed getting to know fellow bloggers back when I ran a similar feature a number of years ago...and I'm happy to report that some of the same people that participated back then joined up this time around as well!  Let's get to it!


1.       Your name (or alias if preferred):  Mark Hoyle   ( Harry)

2.       Your blog website:  No blog,  frequent reader and trader

3.       Your social media handle(s): Twitter.   @markhoyle4

4.       What are your favorite sport teams? All Boston.  Redsox, Patriots, Bruins and Celtics

5.       What kind of collector do you consider yourself to be (team collector, player collector, set collector, etc.).  Why do you collect that way?
At the moment a team collector, have a few PC’s only chase playing days cards with my PC’s. Have completed many sets in the past. Topps sets back to 71 plus the 67 set. Will probably eventually do a few more 60’s sets possibly 1956 as well

6.       What is your favorite item in your collection? 
Tough to narrow down. 1906 Jimmie Collins  Fan Craze, 54 Wilson Meats Ted Williams or 68 Topps Lonborg 3d

7.       If you could add any one card to your collection (that you don’t currently own), what card would it be and why? 
1939 TedWilliams Goudey Premium ( R303-A) his rookie card.

8.       Thinking back to when you first started collecting, how have your habits changed (if at all)?  Any ideas why? 
More of a team collector than set collector now. Collecting goals have shifted to vintage and many prewar type cards.

10.   If you could give any of the major sport card companies one piece of advice about something you’d like changed (or perhaps simply continued) what would it be? 
Cut out the short prints, Topps should definitely cut down on the amount of sets they produce,

11.   Where do you live?  What is your favorite local food? 
Just south of Boston. Many types of fresh seafood

12.   If someone were to visit you, what place (within an hour of travel from your residence) would you suggest someone be sure to check out? 
Boston’s North End has many great Italian restaurants. Very close to me I would suggest the Blackington Inn in Attleboro Ma.

13.   What is your profession?  How did you end up there?  If you are in school, what do you plan to major in and/or what job do you hope to get after graduating? 
I’m a general contractor. I’ve been self employed for 25+ yrs. Mostly high end historical renovations.

14.   Do you have any hobbies besides card collecting? 
I collect music as well. In all formats. Album,8 track, Reel to Reel, 45’s, CD’s, cassettes.

15.   Tell me something interesting about yourself that hasn’t been covered in the first 14 questions! 
I have 6 kids. Am now lucky to be the grandfather to 6 grandkids.. My wife and I like to travel.


Many thanks to Mark for his answers (and his many trade packages over the years as well)!  I've only made it to Boston once in my life and that was a couple of years ago for a conference.  I didn't have much opportunity to explore the city (though we did do a harbor cruise as part of the conference which was kind of cool).  Someday I'll make it back to Boston, ideally at a time when I can visit Fenway!

Mark was also speaking my language when he mentioned lots of good, fresh seafood.  I'm stuck in northcentral Pennsylvania so fresh seafood is basically impossible to come by here.  You better believe that any time I go on vacation near the ocean I'm eating all the fresh fish that I can! 

Thanks again Mark for taking the time to complete the interview.  I am also pleased to report that the (Even) Better Know a Blogger series has been popular enough that I'm going to extend it another week or so.  I have a few more completed interviews to post to the blog - and a couple more questionnaires have been sent out but I haven't gotten a reply yet.  As such, if you want in and haven't yet contacted me, there's still time but it's running out quickly - once I'm out of completed interviews, that'll be the end of the series!  Contact me ASAP if you want in.


  1. One of the nicest guys out there in the hobby. Thanks for the interview!

  2. I so wish Mark would start blogging. I'd love to see some of his vintage stuff... and his music collection. If I ever stop collecting cards, I think I'd focus on music.


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