More Fleer Illustrated (1999 edition)

I am down to the final eight packs in my box of 1999 Fleer Sports Illustrated.  It's been a decently fun box rip so far (despite the duplicates within the box already).  I'm hoping for a strong finish though so as to get as close as possible to completing my base set!

Pack 17:
134.  Gary Sheffield (box duplicate)
14.  Roger Clemens & Tom Glavine (needed it)
38.  Sammy Sosa
72.  Ben Grieve
175.  Pedro Martinez (needed it)

103.  Kevin Millwood

That's a good start, two cards I needed for the set.

Pack 18:
31.  David Wells (needed it)

21.  Travis Lee
81.  Raul Mondesi
Ones to Watch:  8.  Ben Davis

118.  Barry Bonds
131.  Jeff Kent (needed it)

That's my second Ones to Watch insert of the box which is right on the money (seeded 1:12 packs).  I don't expect to find a third based on the stated odds.  As for the rest of the pack, no complaints since I landed two more needed base cards.  At the beginning of the box break I figured I needed to average just under 2 new cards per pack in order to complete the base set.  I haven't been keeping track as I go, but it feels like I'm only a hair below the average that I need right now.

Pack 19:
46.  George Lombard, Adam Butler, Bruce Chen (needed it)

2.  Scott Brosius
70.  Brian Simmons, Mark Johnson, Craig Wilson
172.  Cliff Floyd
132.  Tony Womack
116.  Edgar Renteria

Only one new card here but that's better than zero!  Overall, this was a successful opening to the final third of the box.  Let's hope it continues through the final five packs!