This is it: The End of the Fleer Sports Illustrated Box

We've waited a long time to reach the end of the 1999 Fleer Sports Illustrated box.  This was a box that I had set aside months (years?) ago since I knew I wanted to complete the base set at some point.  After busting the final two packs, I'll have a much better handle on just how close I'll end up being to a complete set.  Let's get to it!

Pack 23:
68.  Rob Fick, Gabe Kapler, Marino Santana
92.  Todd Helton
25.  Paul Molitor (needed it)

161.  Jeff Bagwell
141.  Chuck Knoblauch
149.  Alex Rodriguez

One more new card for my collection plus a box duplicate of the Bagwell (I needed one for my set, not two)!

Pack 24:
85.  Cal Ripken, Jr. (needed it)

55.  Russ Branyan, Jolbert Cabrera, Jason Rakers
6.  David Cone (needed it)

Headliners:  23.  Andruw Jones

127.  Frank Thomas
164.  Chan Ho Park

Two more new base cards plus a needed Headliners card (if I do in fact decide to keep chasing that insert set).  Not a bad way to end the box!

I hope everyone had a good time following along with me as I busted an older box of cards (and yes, it feels weird to call something from 1999 "older").  Next up for me, I need to do a bunch of sorting and then update my want list accordingly.  Next up for you?  The beginning of my (Even) Better Know a Blogger series starting Monday!  Stay tuned!

Sorting update:  

Going into the box break, I needed 42 more base cards.  Now that I've sorted through all the cards I'm down to needing only 11 more base cards.  In the end, I landed about 75% of what I needed from the box.  Not bad, but not great either considering it was an entire box and I didn't need all that many cards to start with.  As for the Headliners inserts, my box yielded a total of six (but two were the same Barry Bonds card).  In the end, I was only able to land four new cards for my set.  That leaves me chasing another 13 cards to finish off that insert set - not something that I'm likely to complete unless I start purposely buying the cards from a site like COMC or something. 

I'm going to have a decent stack of duplicates for trade (the box along had 14 duplicates plus all the cards that I pulled in this box that I already owned).  I'll try to get a full trade list up shortly for the set.


  1. I feel like I should have known this, but the set was based on the fact all the photos were from SI's magazine archives. Makes sense why they kept the set smaller then.


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