2019 Allen & Ginter: Box #1 - Packs 17 - 24 (including a Yankee relic...good thing there isn't a Gint-a-Cuffs this year!)

Yesterday, I ripped the first two-thirds of my first (of four) hobby boxes of 2019 Allen & Ginter.  I've already found a nice Rizzo pinstripe relic and an even nicer Ken Griffey, Jr. framed relic (see yesterday's posts for more information on those).  With eight packs (and one more promised hit remaining), what else will this box yield?

Pack 17:

As with the other two columns, this column began with the top pack holding a hit. 

This time around, it's a full-sized relic of Aroldis Chapman, complete with a bit of stitching along the far right side of the relic bit.  This pack also held a Frank Thomas A&G back mini (not shown) and card #1 in the History of Flight set which I still needed for my set (also not shown).

Packs 18 - 20:

Oh sure, I could talk about my SECOND (?!) mini short print of John Smoltz in the box or maybe the black bordered mini of Miguel Cabrera, but no.  The highlight of the middle bunch of packs here is this base card of an egg.

Yep, that's right.  This is why you either love or hate Allen & Ginter - and for the record, I love it.

Packs 21 - 24:

The box ended mostly on a whimper right up until the final pack when this Lost Languages mini dropped out.  That's my first one from that particular insert set and I have to say that I love the design (and the theme). 

That does it for box #1.  Nothing Earth-shattering but I'm still happy with what I pulled.  Here's a summary of my box, mostly so I have something to compare the next three boxes to if nothing else.

Box #1 Summary:
Box topper:  N43 (Manny Machado)
Hits:  Relics (3):  Ken Griffey, Jr. (framed), Anthony Rizzo (full-size), Aroldis Chapman (full-size)

Regular back:  9
Regular back short print:  2 (both John Smoltz however)
A&G back:  5
A&G back short print:  1
Black bordered:  3
Black bordered short print:  0

Mini inserts:
Collectible Canines:  2
Chugging Along:  1
Lost Languages:  1

All told, not a bad box at all.  Definitely a good start to the set and to the box rips.  Next up will be box #2!


  1. I'd love for there to be an egg rip card with a yolk card inside.

  2. Is there a story behind this egg? Is it some famous egg? World's largest egg? Oldest egg?

  3. Fuji: The egg is the all-time most liked picture on social media (beating out a Kardashian or something).

  4. NG: Awesome! I'd be cool to get Kim to sign it ;)


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