2019 Allen & Ginter: The End of Box 4

This is it folks, probably my final box break packs for 2019...almost certainly the last of 2019 Allen & Ginter.  It's been a fun run ripping through a bunch of retail blasters and then the four hobby boxes but now I'm down to my final eight packs.  One of the eight packs should hold our final hit...and maybe I'll really luck out and find one of those stained glass minis that I was hoping to locate!

Box 4:

Pack 17:

In a new twist, I found my last hit inside the top pack of the column rather than the last pack.  Unfortunately for me, it was my third full-sized relic of the box and not something a bit more interesting.  I don't follow (or care much about) motocross but at least I have heard of Pastrana prior to finding him inside Allen & Ginter.

Pack 18:

Box 3 may end up being a dud in terms of the third hit but it's done alright from a mini insert perspective.  That Chugging Along mini is the fifth min insert out of the box which is great for me as a collector of all things mini!

Packs 19 - 20:

Somehow, I hadn't pulled this regular base card of Ken Griffey, Jr. yet (at least I don't think I have).

Packs 21 - 24:

The last of the break sort of fizzled out with only this Frank Robinson A&G back mini being of note.

All things considered, this wasn't a terrible box mostly thanks to the Altuve relic and the five mini inserts.

Box #4 Summary:
Box topper:  Cabinet:  Juan Soto
Hits:  Relics (3):  Jose Altuve (full-size), Rhea Butcher (full-size), Travis Pastrana (full-size)

Regular back:  10
Regular back short print:  2
A&G back:  5
A&G back short print:  0
Black bordered:  3
Black bordered short print:  0

Mini inserts:
Collectible Canines:  2
In Bloom:  1
Look Out Below:  1
Chugging Along:  1