2019 Topps Allen & Ginter: Box 2 - Packs 17 - 24 (in which we find a Rip Card!)

I'm back with the remainder of box #2.  So far, this box has been underwhelming but there's still plenty of hope with eight packs (and one more promised hit) remaining.

Packs 17 - 20:

We hit the Mike Trout mini bonanza here with Trout cards appearing in two of the four packs (including a really nice black bordered card).

Pack 21:

Even more exciting to me than a bunch of Mike Trout minis is insert minis!  Here's our first Chugging Along mini from the box - the Cable Car made famous in San Francisco.

Packs 22 - 24:

Once again, the hit came down to the final pack in the column of packs within the box.  That's weird since in the first hobby box the hits were all in the top pack in each column.  Enough about hit location, you want to see what we got but first I have to show off the second mini insert in this column of packs (and the second Collectible Canine card of the box):

That's a great card...but even a cute puppy pales in comparison to pulling a rip card from a pack!!

Woo!  That's an Edgar Martinez rip card numbered 74/75.  I'm not ripping it (at least not yet)...and it may end up being sold on eBay unripped.  I'm not quite sure - but I do know that I'm ecstatic to pull a rip card after going a number of years pulling zero of them...and yes, this definitely does save the box from being considered a bad, boring box!

Box #2 Summary:
Box topper:  Cabinet (Bryce Harper)
Hits:  Relics (2):  Rick Porcello (full-size), Jeurys Familia (full-size), Rip Card (1):  Edgar Martinez

Regular back:  9
Regular back short print:  2
A&G back:  5
A&G back short print:  1
Black bordered:  3
Black bordered short print:  0

Mini inserts:
Collectible Canines:  2
Chugging Along:  1
Look Out Below:  1

The Rip Card for sure saved this box, though when I look at the overall numbers box #2 compares favorably to box #1 in every category (I think pulling that framed Griffey, Jr. relic right off the bat helped to stoke my enthusiasm for the first box)!

I still have two more boxes to go so stay tuned!


  1. I'd totally rip that! (Of course I'm not selling it).

    Is it just me or does Mike Trout show up way more than any other star player in pack rips?

  2. Yeah, I seem to get a lot of Trouts! I've got the rip card on eBay right now...if it doesn't sell maybe I'll rip it but at the moment the case is more appealing (gotta pay for Ginter somehow).

  3. Oh man. I'd definitely rip that thing open. Pulling one of those things is on my collecting bucket list.

  4. I pulled on once. I tried to slice it open edgeways instead of shredding it. That preserves what's left a little better.

  5. It's crazy how much rip cards sell for... especially since they're #'d so high. Best of luck on whatever you end up doing with it. It's an awesome pull either way.

  6. Yes, great pull! I have to figure it will sell well, especially with Martinez being inducted to the HOF this past weekend.


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