Delivery Time! Cards from Padrographs!

It might be the middle of July but only now am I starting to feel like I have a handle on the year 2019!  For what seems like forever, I've felt like I was behind.  Behind on the blog.  Behind on yard work.  Behind of school lessons.  Behind organizing my collection.  Behind on cooking, laundry, you name it.

Well, I'm pleased to say that I'm ready to break out of my funk and maybe even start to get ahead on some things (not yard work though, yuck).  While I can't claim to be ahead on trading right now - I can say that I'm aiming to get caught up on trade packages that I've received this year.  I am also pleased to report that I managed to get four trades packed up and in the mail today too.  It was a good day!

Today's envelope is one such trade package that arrived at my house - in this case, right at the beginning of May 2019.  The simple PWE was a return sending from Rod over at Padrographs.  I had sent Rod some Padres and some custom return he hit me up with some more vintage flag cards.  

I've said it before but I think these flag cards are awesome.  The France card has a lot of glue on the back of it but that's okay with me.  Much like my collection of original 1889 Allen & Ginter fish cards, I'm not condition sensitive when it comes to vintage cardboard.

In addition to the flag cards, Rod also sent me this "Ancient Era Remnants" card of a Willis's Cigarettes mini of a card celebrating (?) the technique of pointing a brick wall.  

I love oddball cards like this - and vintage cigarette cards of the mini variety are some of my favorites.  I didn't even know Gypsy Queen had cards like this in it but it's pretty darn cool!

I also have to show off Rod's custom card he included in the package.  

Those mountains int the background are awesome even if I'm more of a warm weather, summery kind of guy.  

Thanks again for the trade, Rod - sorry it took me so long to get a post up!  This isn't the only post though that I need to get written up, I have about seven or eight other packages waiting to be scanned as well.  All in due time - but hopefully sooner than later.  As for trading, I'm officially back open to trading cards.  I'm confident that I'm going to be back and caught up in no time so let's get to it!  


  1. A. Love the 1956 Topps Flags of our World set. Solid design.
    B. Never seen a GQ framed vintage card. Very cool.
    C. First time seeing that Rod custom. I have a few other ones though.


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